Sept. 21 – Freelancer Roundtable: Learn & Share Valuable Tips for Success

Sept. 21 - Freelancer Roundtable: Learn & Share Valuable Tips for Success
Join us for a special roundtable discussion about the ins & outs of the freelance life. What did you ask yourself before getting started? How did you know you were ready to make the leap? Can you make a living as a freelancer? Where do I find clients? How can I keep my freelance business thriving? Who can I ask for advice about my freelance work?   Many IABC members are successful freelancers, while others aspire to join their ranks. Let’s talk about it! Connect with us on Thursday, September 21, 2017, where we will share our insights and experiences, ask questions, explore challenges and accomplishments, and learn tips and tricks for either taking the next step…or stepping into the unknown.   Bring your own questions about getting started, keeping your freelance business going strong, or broadening your own experience. The roundtable will be moderated by IndyComm’s own Stephanie Stiles, founder & freelance copywriter at Writing Stiles.   IABC Orange County Payment Policy:   Advanced Reservations:  We accept reservations online with credit card payment only. Payment must be received online by credit card at time of reservation and will include an additional credit card processing fee.    Refunds:  If you pay online by credit card, we will refund your registration fee, minus the credit card processing fee, if notice of cancellation is received by the Friday before the event. Due to catering guarantees, no-shows will be billed. To request a refund, please email and include in the subject line: Event Refund Request. Please provide the name under which the reservation was made and the date of the event.    Walk-ins and Payment by Check:  Walk-ins are welcome, but must pay by cash or check and will pay the Non-Early Bird price. If you are paying by check, please make it payable to IABC/OC. We look forward to seeing you at the IABC/OC event!

at Citrus Cafe
1481 Edinger Avenue
Tustin, United States

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