School of FLEC:Year 3-8 (Term 4 2017) $180

School of FLEC:Year 3-8 (Term 4 2017) 0
P.S. Pay only 0.00 when subscribing to our mailing list at WHAT IS FLEC? (FL) Financial literacy is the skill of knowing how to read, write and speak financial words and knowing how to apply that understanding to your own life; (E) Entrepreneurship is the skill of knowing how to make money using your access to ideas and resources in order to generate a profit. Learn the basics of economics, marketing, sales, taxes, business law, management, ethics and sustainability; (C) Career education is the skill of knowing how to attain your personal goals using your career knowledge and personal development.​ Take a behind-the-scenes look at various career opportunities available and speak to real business-owners. WHY DOES MY CHILD NEED FLEC? As parents, we hope and expect that our children will leave school with a basic understanding of money and finances. We hope that if they have ambitions to start a business or to find employment, that they will be responsible and resourceful in finding solutions to their problems. Children grow up into adults who need to have the skills to understand how their society's systems function so that they can make the best choices for themselves and which impact those around them. HOW CAN MY CHILD LEARN THESE SKILLS? Parents can enrol their child into the School of FLEC for children aged Preschool to Year 12. Parents can share what they already know about money and finances with a child as young as 3 years old. Parents can continue to increase their knowledge over the years and discuss what they have learnt with their child. Parents can buy books about money written for children and gift it to their child.  Parents can read website articles about how to teach children about money and follow the recommendations. There is so much that a parent can do for a child in this regard and the rewards will benefit both child and parent for years to come! Please feel free to contact Nicole Martin via email at for any further questions.

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