SAFe Leadership Retreat 2017

SAFe Leadership Retreat 2017
The SAFe Leadership Retreat is the place where practitioners, change agents, coaches, consultants, and managers have an opportunity to come together and share experiences and ideas with SAFe in-depth. The SAFe Leadership Retreat is a 3-night, 2 full day unconference that brings the creativity of the practitioner community together with the vision of the leading methodologists to generate new and exciting ideas for SAFe. The Retreat has an Open Space format, enabling it to respond to the needs and experiences attendees bring, and develop ideas through conversation in a beautiful venue. Sessions are held in the morning and late afternoon/early evening, allowing attendees the space to reflectively generate new insights, or continue interactions with other attendees The event is fully catered, with accommodation included.   FAQs What does the ticket price include?  The ticket covers:  3 nights accommodation (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday) all meals, from Monday dinner to Thursday breakfast access to the Retreat sessions   What does the ticket price not include? The ticket does not cover:  activities and excursions drinks at the bar minibar and other room charges transport to/from Edinburgh Airport additional nights before or after the event  All additional costs at the venue should be paid directly to the venue on or before checkout. You will need to provide a credit card at check in to cover these incidentals. Please note if you wish to extend your stay before or after the retreat do let us know. We can ensure that the booking connects to the rooms we reserve for you and we can extend the good rate we have too. The hotel are happy to then bill this separately. Can I bring my partner? Yes. If you would like to bring a non-participant companion who will share your room, we have a special ticket just for that. Please choose the ‘Non-Attending Partner’ option in addition to yours. Please note that the Non-Attending Partner rate includes dinner, bed and breakfast. They will need to make their own arrangements for lunch. The Dalmahoy Brasserie is open all day and serves lovely lunches.   What food will be available?  The Dalmahoy food is excellent. We’ll publish menus closer to the date, but in summary, it will be Breakfast Lunch Dinner (Private dining for attendees (and partners)) Plus breaks during the sessions When you register, you can let us know any dietary needs you have, and we will do our best to support them.   How many people will attend? We are limiting the numbers to 50, to ensure that the attendees can gain a degree of intimacy and community everyone (and particularly Dean) can gain a sense of the ideas while they’re in development, enabling the law of 2 feet to work most effectively and flexibly. We chose 50 to align well with the largest Dunbar number of a flexible, egalitarian social group that doesn’t subdivide into family groups.   What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event? The Dalmahoy Hotel is situated just 10 minutes from Edinburgh Airport. By far the easiest way to get to the hotel is to use the taxi rank at the airport. We will gather people's flight times and can put you in touch with people arriving at a similar time for taxi sharing. It should not be more than £15 and the taxis accept debit/credit cards. What is the cancellation policy? Sometimes the unexpected does happen, unfortunately, and people need to cancel. We therefore will offer the following refunds if you need to cancel, based on when we receive your notification. On or before 5th March - 75% refund On or before 5th May - 50% refund On or before 26th May - 20% refund After Friday 26th May, we are unable to offer refunds, as our venue will fully charge us for all booked spaces and food. However: We will be operating a waiting list, and will do our best to resell your ticket, which will enable a full refund to you. Changes in name can happen at any time, so the easiest way to cancel is to find someone else to go in your place. If your substitute attendee has different dietary, shirt size or accommodation sharing needs, we can change that information up to 26th May.    Tell me about the shirt sizes? Men's Sizing  Small: 34/36" Chest  Medium: 37/39" Chest  Large: 40/42" Chest  XL: 43/45 Chest  2XL: 46/48" Chest  3XL:  4XL:   Ladies' Sizing Small: 32" Chest Medium: 34" Chest Large: 36" Chest XL: 38" Chest 2XL: 40" Chest 3XL: 42" Chest 4XL: 44" Chest   Where can I contact the organiser with any questions? Contact Lucy Burns at  

at The Dalmahoy Country Club.
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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