Requirement of reformation with education in India

Education plays a key role in the younger generation development that leads to a successful world in this global world of competition. There is wide significance of education in personality development of humans. The learning in India is not a new concept as it came to existence to India under the supervision of guru.

Role of Indian education:

Indian Education has a great history of high quality learning from the well-known Nalanda University and Taxila University. India suffers from the greatest problems of illiteracy which is mainly due to the poor economic capability of the people, but it can make a big process by spreading education to huge number of peoples. As of the current scenario, education in India has several steps which include primary learning, secondary, senior secondary and the higher education. In order to meet the education needs of the regularly growing population, India has to reach about 20 universities at the centre, 217 universities at the state levels, 106 deemed universities, and 17000 colleges.

The government of India is taking serious steps to improve serious steps regarding the quality of learning in India. Government highlights the factor of providing free and compulsory education for children upto 14 years and abolition of child labour. Though India is suffering to greater extent of illiteracy, it has secured the fame of superior quality of education by some of the recognized universities. Three top most Indian universities are recognized in worlds 200 top universities. They are: Indian Institute of Management, Indian Institute of technology and Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Quality education India is a vital factor in deciding of the course of knowledge economic development. Well educated and trained students not get success in this corporate world they even lead a successful life. Quality learning India plays a major role in a person so as to learn social responsibilities. Help to overcome with the poverty level. The main problem with the education in India is not because of its less or even absence of potentiality, it is mainly because of the improper ideas and methods that is adopted for teaching.

Education in India:

Some of the popular philanthropy organizations have initiated sustainable learning in India since decades. Some of the initiatives are that they recruit large pool of human resources. It also includes universities, educational institutions, technical colleges and other civil society organizations.
Over the period, these companies have achieved of more than 1000 schools and colleges where the millions of students are getting its benefits directly or indirectly.

Larger objectives:

* Programs for schools: This mainly concentrates on the long term social development through school educational reforms. It has supported for civil society development, they also publish quality in learning materials and has influenced its ideas in learning through the support of public.

* Program for technical education: It mainly focuses on the technical education for the evolving needs of the industry and has supported the college faculty in order to increase the learning capability with better understanding.

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