Reference Recruitment: The Importance Of Keeping Track Of Satisfied Customers

Customer satisfaction and the ability to convert first-time customers into repeat customers is an integral part of a business’s success. When your business is small you can manageably track how your customers found you, what products or services they purchase, want and need, and what resulted in their satisfaction. However, as your business continues to grow, the tracking methods that worked when you were little are no longer sufficient. Reference recruitment and customer tracking techniques are a vital part of any customer-driven business. Taking advantage of a customer reference tracking software package helps you stay on top of many aspects of customer satisfaction so your business can continue to meet their needs.

• Know How Customers Found You. Your marketing department works hard to draw customers to your business. Know which marketing campaigns have produced the greatest results by tracking how new customers found you. If you’re not currently dialoguing with customers or tracking what leads them to you, it’s important to start now. This will also help you more accurately use your marketing dollars more effectively to attract more new customers.
• Track Customer Usage. The worst things you can do in customer service is overlook a customer in need and oversaturate a customer whose needs have already been satisfied. By tracking customer usage, your sales team will know who to approach and who to back off from in order to avoid customer burnout. This approach helps your company streamline customer service for more effective and positive results.
• Shorten the Sales Cycle. It does take time, money and effort to convert potential customers into sales. When you regularly keep track of customer purchasing habits, your sales team will be able to focus their efforts on the customers that need attention. When your salesmen are able to close sales faster and more efficiently it helps them build confidence when going after new customers.
• Help Your Departments Work Together. When one tracking system isn’t put into place by company management, each department will eventually develop a system that works for them. The problem with this is that each department’s system might not be the same, and it might not even track the same information. Using one system allows everyone to work with the same information.

Using a good customer reference tracking tool can be easily overlooked as a part of your business but making it a regular business practice helps you to achieve a more efficient sales strategy which leads to more sales. Instead of leaving your sales and marketing teams to track customer information on a cumbersome spreadsheet, you can streamline reference recruitment company-wide to keep everyone on the same page and pave the way for continued business growth and customer attraction and retention.

Using a customer reference program makes is much easier to keep up with satisfied customers. Leroy Dixon knows the effectiveness of monitoring customer references and the impact it can have on any business.

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