Not long before, putting someone in a job in any organization was as hasslefree as getting a child admitted to a school. But apparently with the changing times, a lot of our conventional set pattern has been put to numerous modifications for obvious reasons. And so is the field of employment.

Even as the style and method of providing jobs or services and engaging the aspirant job seekers vary from one organization to the other, all of them wish their future employees to be as much reliable, efficient and disciplined. In order to ensure finding persons of their desired requirement, such organizations prescribe different measuring yardsticks to assess the suitability of the prospective employees. Apparently in keeping with their specific requirement the candidates' credentials are put through different modes of scrutiny. One of the methods is known as Reference Checks.

In contrast with the earlier system of providing manpower through an official agency known as Employment Exchange, since recent years a number of private or public forums, Media channels, Press and such other agencies have played extensive role in disseminating a variety of public awareness and information oriented programmes drawing attention of prospective job seekers. While large number of applicants happen to respond to the job related circulars or advertisements, none of the employer-organization is willing or prepared to accept a prospective job seeker just on the face value of the CV details furnished by him. In order to determine a candidate's real worth over and above his documentary proof which essentially forms part of his CV, the Receiving organization prefers to rely on the personal testimony of a few people who are deemed to know something more about the candidate than what he or she has claimed through their documentary proof.

Essentially with that object, the candidate himself may give the names of persons of his locality as References to be contacted by the employer organization, if need be, to collect any information about him. In case the organization may not be prepared to accept the version of the Reference given by the candidate, it may try to find out any other reliable person not known to the candidate to provide any information about him or any other members of his family. Such References are contacted by independent Investigators who personally visit the area of the candidate and gather all relevant details about him. At this stage, the Investigator has to take every care to check the reliability of the Reference like his reputation, education, occupation and social status etc. in order to render his version about the concerned candidate reliable, authentic and non-controversial.

After receipt of the comments and opinion of these References checked by the Investigator from within the residential area of the candidate, the same could be put through a proper cross-verification at the agency level by means of the details furnished by the candidate in the CV in order to make a final assessment of the candidate's suitability for the employment in the job sought by him.

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