Ranking Ten Types of Most Dangerous Toys for Children

Toys existing quality and safety problems is an “invisible killer” of both children’s physical and mental development. The following is experts’ summary and analysis on the most dangerous top ten children toys, in order for parents to reference when choosing toys.

First, ejection toys

Ejection toys usually have mass destruction, such as toy gun, water gun, catapult, bow as well as darts toys etc.

Second, toy with rope

There are varieties of toys with rope, such as jewelry, yo-yo, pull toys, etc. the rope is easy warp around the fingers or neck of children, after a long time, it causes the finger tip necrosis or even leading to suffocation. So the toy rope should not be too long, and the small baby is best not to play toy with rope.

Third, mask toys

The mask toys are mostly plastic products, also some are made of paper pulp or wood pulp. Some unqualified mask toys are produced with toxic plastic, contains toxic chemicals inhaled by children may cause harm; In addition, some mask toys airtight, do not leave breathing place in the mouth and nose, if the child wear a long time will cause oxygen to the brain, make the child dizziness, vertigo phenomenon, it can also cause serious suffocation.

Fourth, balloon toy

Toy balloon is generally rubber or plastic products, with bright colors and shapes. There are a variety of hidden troubles in balloons, First, the balloon exploded easily cause harm to the child, especially the hydrogen inflated balloon, if encounter flame, it can cause severe burning. Second, balloon fragments once into the children’s respiratory tract, difficult to take out, a direct threat to life safety. Therefore, parents should pay more attention when children play with balloons.

Fifth, small toys

Small toys include building blocks and other small accessories, most of the materials are metal or plastics, including buttons, coins, and the common daily items, easy to be swallowed by children and lead to danger.

Sixth, metal toys

Being made of the metal, the toy may include hard corners or burrs, the paints may contain toxic substances. Metal toys are not recommended to buy for children below the age of five. The sharp corner is easy to cut the child’s skin causing injury. The surface decorative paints may contain heavy metal harmful, existing security risks.

Seventh, not smooth toys

Toy made of relatively hard material, with uneven surface, or including sharp edges is easy to bruise or cut children.

Eighth, children’s bicycle

Children toy bicycles include a variety of types. The dangers exist because many bicycles are not completely sealed, so easy to stir longer thing like the child’s hair, shoelaces, etc. Toy car seat has no seat belts, the child easily expose to fall injuries.

Ninth, music toys

The music toys with too much noise will hurt the baby’s hearing. So parent should choose music toys with moderate beautiful sound.

Tenth, plush toys

The substandard filler is a very big hidden trouble. The eyes, nose, buttons of the plush toys are easy to fall apart and be swallowed by children.

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