Public speaking for quiet people

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  1. Apple Girl Apple Girl

    Thank you so much for sharing….. You are a hero.. probably u dont like that sort of dramatic statement but u are a hero to me (a struggling introvert + shy + social anxiety!!! What a combo).. watching this really warms my heart and giving me strength to keep practicing more to express myself verbally. I can't believe u dont like to watch ur videos, u're very beautiful!

  2. xavi Bon xavi Bon

    my job requires public speaking 3 times a week to a huge congregation, I hate it. I don't know how to overcome this.

  3. Dookie Green Dookie Green

    Very pretty! She has a nice tone of voice too 🙂

  4. Waheeda Hodekar Waheeda Hodekar

    toast master

  5. Deadpool Deadpool

    Michelle has corns.👣

  6. Denis Scott Denis Scott

    Fascinating talk & very interesting to listen to. Go team Introverts!

  7. Ivo Sigma Ivo Sigma

    she is hot

  8. Yazmin Padilla Yazmin Padilla

    As an introvert who will have to step into the spotlight, I THANK YOU! <3

  9. dipo technology dipo technology

    How to translete it?

  10. Sam Alashkar Sam Alashkar

    Great talk, really got lots out of it

  11. beelzebubblez beelzebubblez

    Thank you

  12. Wan wan Wan wan

    thank you very much! it gives me a lot of courage by watching this video. the speaker did a good job for expressing the deep-thought of our introverts! thank you!!!!!

  13. DKR DKR

    i love it!!!! ty so very much dr michelle! xoxo thats sooomeeee!!!!

  14. Jesus Of Nazareth Jesus Of Nazareth

    that moment when your an ambivert and nobody can save you

  15. Red Dragon Red Dragon

    I have a few presentations I have to do for college coming up, plus my friend asked me to be his best man at his wedding which involves a speech infront of about 80 people, most of whom I don't know, so I'm a little bit terrified, haha. You've given me the confidence to do it while supressing my fear because, as you said, it's not about me – it's about the message I'm delivering.

    Thank you for the inspiration Dr. Dickinson.

  16. Amelia Ali Amelia Ali

    As an introvert, a huge key is to not only internalize the information but to say it allowed, learn out loud, present it to someone you can speak about anything to like your best friend or your mom. My biggest mistake was keeping it to myself before a presentation.

  17. corey vannest corey vannest

    your inner cave girl makes me horny..

  18. Pranita Sharma Pranita Sharma

    Great talk. Certainly did not feel like a 50 min talk

  19. Roger Barraud Roger Barraud

    Takehome point for me: I'm a lot thicker than I thought! 😉

  20. Roger Barraud Roger Barraud

    26:30 – "Bollock Points" 🙂 … Freudian slip? Very accurate for many of the PowerPointless Preso's I've seen 🙂


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