Psychopaths (Crime Psychology Documentary) – Real Stories

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    • avatar smileitsgoodforyou10 0

      If someone is born a psychopath does that make it okay?

      • avatar sillyme244 1

        It's strange to see the twin towers

        • avatar Splif Beatz 0

          Imagine she starts to sweat if she sees disturbing things. What if she starts sweating because she is intimadated being investigated or have some crazy shaming thoughts about this? i start to sweat if i think about social things. So what i sweated, bamm psychopath loool. weak

          • avatar Vladislav Georgiev 0

            Who cares about good and evil in strictly scientific terms in the people personalities today?!?!? This is how any human being is making decisions to do or not do certain thing. It have nothing to do with the god, the devil, the bible and so on … paralels can be made of course but moral, immoral, good and evil are real things that we see and deal with in our everyday life and they are most definately not supernatural, superstitions or philosofical turms that we should not care for. Who care about MORAL?!?!? In some government organisations today moral desicions are strictly forbiden. In todays society there is a very strong tendencies moral people to be considered week, loosers, stupid ….. very often moral people are being pushed off the sucess in life for the same reasons. Being a good person have nothing to do with irationality and yet this two are very offten considered sinonims. Very few people care and base their decesions on what is right and what is wrong. Most consider important to appear that they are doing fine. This have nothing to do with doing the right thing. Every single problem in this world is made by us and our decisions about what to do and not to do which are made based on what we consider acceptable and not acceptable and unless we figure out how to solve the problems they not going to go away because we know how to apear convincingly to others and very often to ourselves too that we are doing fine.

            • avatar Vladislav Georgiev 0

              Someone checking the agencies personal for psychopathic disorders and conditions ??!?!?!? Let my guess …. its a requirement to be able to perform the "duties" that they do for a living !!!

              • avatar swiftset 1

                I'm the opposite of a psycopath. I often wish I could flip a switch and become shallow, callous, ruthless, manipulative, conning, glib, remorseless, superficial, lacking empathy, and so on … just for a little while. enjoy life a bit. then flip the switch back to being a goody two shoes door mat wallflower with social anxiety. sigh.

                • avatar Arlo Cardenas 0

                  I need treatment thank you and I'm not in prison

                  • avatar Arlo Cardenas 0

                    ha ha ha ha ah ah ha ha haaaaaa!!!

                    • avatar Julian Sloman 0

                      Recently, when screens were a cubic meter big… lol

                      • avatar JKC 0

                        why is wayne not being put down?

                        • avatar Michael Diaz 0

                          Broo savage af. Ive always wanted to murder my brother, just to spite my mom. But i never got around to it.

                          • avatar Terence Hill 1

                            Good documentary. But the psychologists answer to the problem falls short. Psychologists, stay where you are in detecting the cause. But leave the discussion of a solution for society to philosophy. The answer is not either we leave psychopaths the way they are or we implement a chip to fit them to society. No. Who are we to judge all of their qualities as bad? A psychopath with a chip will not make a sick so-called "civilized" society better. Maybe there is a third way, which is changing many of today's sickening aspects of society to the better, which will cause less development of psychopaths or reduce the outbreak of pre-destined psychopaths.

                            • avatar TJ Schmoll 0

                              To me, something not developing in the brain from allergic reaction in something their eating, drinking or vaccinations etc….

                              • avatar TJ Schmoll 0

                                Do you think maybe, what we eat and drink could have an impact on the child? Also vaccinations?

                                • avatar Deborah Brennan 1

                                  Just hang these disgusting creatures…. They don't deserve compassion or help. Their victims and potential victims deserve more.

                                  • avatar Milano Martin 1

                                    What is it in germany that fucks those people up? Is it something in the air? Is it something in their water?

                                    • avatar Dummy Account 0

                                      My cousin threw my dog from the second floor to the ground floor. She attempted it 4 times and only succeeded once (was caught during the three) 3 days after she carried the dog and smashed it on the wall ( the dog lives). My brother bought hamsters. When the hamsters gave birth, my cousin (the same girl) squeezed and cut some of them (she killed more than 10 in different cases) when the babies where all gone and only 4 adults was left she bashed the largest one with a box repeatedly while laughing… I caught her burying it under the cage while smiling (I was gonna feed the hamsters) She was told not to touch or go near the animals after the first attempt of throwing my dog ( the animals where constantly hidden from her but she keeps on finding them). Is she a psychopath?