Psychic Predictions Donald Trump: Does Death Come for Him?

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  1. Deborah Zawacki Deborah Zawacki

    I see a silver/gray haze around people who die soon after ….. haven't seen that w Trump but his eyes look strange.

  2. barn0164 barn0164

    Thanks for the Q&D. Its never happy news when it comes to politics but it is assuring to get your take and see sweet Santos too. What a cutie pie! <3

  3. Sunny Side Sunny Side

    Love your videos. Trump's father died of Alzheimer's so he's genetically predisposed to the disease. Stress can lead to early onset of the disease. I believe that people with dementia/Alzheimer's have one foot in the other side. I wonder if what you're feeling could be something like that. Blessings.

  4. jewels mccloud jewels mccloud

    Did anyone see the shadow go behind her when she started talking about feeling death around him ??

  5. cfnjofa cfnjofa

    Since there is an election coming up in a week you should do a reading for it, particularly the Virginia and New Jersey Governors races and the race to fill Jeff Session's senate seat in Alabama.

  6. Marilyn Pizziferri Marilyn Pizziferri

    Darling auntie, you are the still small voice of today. So important. Headache not good. More sleep, go into a church and just sit, St Michael will protect you always. So much love surrounds you…and Santos.

  7. Tim Hughes Tim Hughes

    Being able to discern is way different than "judging"

  8. mikki greenwood mikki greenwood

    You are so funny with your doom and gloom. Tarot cards are of the devil. No wonder your head hurts.

  9. mightyblues7 mightyblues7

    Thing I want to know is how Trump passes away Kirsten. A few say isn't well but no-one makes the call on how Trump dies. Does that make sense?

  10. mightyblues7 mightyblues7

    Love quick and dirty!!!

  11. The Blunt Queen The Blunt Queen

    do one on the first charge of the russia probe plsss who is it!

  12. Heather Cliff Heather Cliff

    Lmao…. that's it we're all fucked!!! Thank you for talking about time frame. The Earth shook hard here last night around 7 pm. Love the Q&D!!

  13. janie evans janie evans

    Love your readings on trump

  14. Yvette Gonzales Yvette Gonzales

    That is sad I don't wish death on anyone and I fill for his son

  15. nonentity2012 nonentity2012

    What absolute BULLSHIT. Shame on you. You are not a real tarot reader. You are not only judgey, but you are delusional. You are just a child.


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