Pros Of Performing Reference Checks

Reference checks are verification procedures done by human resource managers when looking to fill positions that are open in a company. They contact the persons that the candidate has listed on their application forms-supervisors, peers and managers. The aim is to ensure that all the information that is provided on the application is correct and accurate. They may also clarify if other information may be true.

The weak economy and slim chance of securing a job can drive applicants to write information that is not true on their resume. This process can save a company on training and hiring costs that would have been spent on an employee who is not qualified for the job and ends up being terminated as well as time spent looking for a replacement. Information about a candidate's past can predict how they will be in their future positions.

The verifying of a candidate's background is usually done through the phone and it's done after a filtering of applicants who match the requirements listed on the job description. It does not take long and the contact person can provide answers to questions in a short amount of time. Some companies employ letters for references and this is used for those positions that do not need to be filled immediately.

A candidate can inform their references that a call will be coming through so as to prepare them to not ignore the call or be rude to the checker. A candidate can use this platform to ensure that they have the upper hand when compared to the other applicants for the position they are looking to fill. They should always ensure that the information they provided is honest and accurate otherwise they get disqualified.

By law, the human resources department does not have any right to check other sources of information that were not provided by the applicant. However, if they feel that they need additional information, they can always call the candidate and ask for permission to do so. The process of checking on each candidate's background should be the same across the board.

Education is another reference point that has to be verified in order to determine whether the company is choosing the right person for the job. Many positions in today's world require one to at least have a bachelor's degree. Initiating this procedure has exposed many employees who claimed that they had certain degrees and diplomas.

There are questions that a hiring manager should never utter when interviewing candidates for open positions. Asking where one originates from or how old they are is rude and illegal under federal law. They should only ask questions regarding one's background in relation to the job, their achievements and educational attainment.

Reference checks can be an advantage to the candidate because they can expound on the experience and skills they have presented on their resume. For the business, it saves them money on training and funds spent on advertising the open positions. Weeding out the phony candidates means that the business is bringing in only qualified and productive individuals.

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