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    • avatar Sarah K 1

      I was in special Education and Don't feel like I learning any thing. I graduate for high school and I struggle with everyday life.  Any suggestion? please Email at

      • avatar Shahnoor Iftikhar 1

        I am in my final semester of Special Ed. So good to find a fellow special Ed I hope to learn a lot from you.

        • avatar Christie Williams 0

          I love your videos. You have inspired me to pursue a career in Sped Ed. Thank you for being such a bright light along the path!

          • avatar Israel Vera 0

            Cons people call you weird. Pros you feil special

            • avatar Hailee kroner 1

              How many years did you go to college?
              I am I'm college rn and trying to figure out whether the amount of years is worth it or if i should go for a mother route of education.

              • avatar NaturallyNiani 1

                I'm happy to see another like-minded special educator! After 5 years and 3 different districts with 3 different philosophies, the clerical side is still the most time-consuming!!!

                • avatar toocoolformiddleschool blog 0

                  Such awesome content AND awesome hair!

                  • avatar Liz Smith 0

                    Yay!!! Finally a SPED teacher to watch!! Are you going to be vlogging?? I'm so excited as I am about to complete my degree in ESE(SPED in Florida). I love watching the other YouTube teachers but it's so nice to finally see someone I can fully relate to!! You have a new subscriber 😊😊

                    • avatar Sydney Becker 1

                      I want to be a SpEd teacher but not for an older grade level. I would like to be a lower grade level SpEd teacher because younger kids who need SpEd should be able to have it. I'm still fairly young so I have time to research. Next year I want to TA (be a teachers aide). If anyone has tips or advice it would help!😊

                      • avatar Kim P 1

                        At my school we have two sped teachers per grade 3rd-5th grade and have a caseload of about 20 students each. Totally agree with the paperwork part and juggling all the pieces.

                        • avatar Monica Ramos 0

                          In Texas the Diagnostician's clerk arranges for all of the professionals to meet. The Diags also pretty much run the Annual Review and Dismissal meetings at our district.

                          • avatar Au-some Teacher 0

                            So glad you did this video. I love teaching special. The legal aspect is tough to navigate. From talking to other SPED teacher it is the reason they quit.

                            • avatar That Teaching Hope 1

                              Totally agree! The lawyer/advocate/witness prep aspect of constantly needing to document is my highest level of stress and has made me rethink being in Sped every so often. But, for now the 1:2 teaching ratio is my personal teaching philosophy that all students (gen edu included) learn differently and need differentiated materials to grasp various academic concepts. Love your content and can we address the hair 💖… gorgeous. Keep doing you!

                              • avatar Brittney Lyn 1

                                I feel like we could be friends! I'm going into my second year of teaching Special Ed, specifically Life Skills in a middle school. I agree with your pros/cons. Definitely a huge pro is getting to know the kids on a personal level and seeing growth (especially with our more difficult students). Definitely a few cons are the clerical work, dealing with ALL of the coworkers involved and "juggling" all of those balls in the air. Being a good special ed teacher takes a super woman or man!

                                • avatar Brandi Gifford 1

                                  Loved this video!! You are so inspiring! I didn't start my educational journey wanting to teach SpEd. I got a job as an aide/para in a SpEd class and ended up LOVING it! It has been the most rewarding experience! I'm so excited to begin my first year teaching!

                                  • avatar The Teacher Tica C.R. Teacher Karol 1

                                    Interesting point of view

                                    • avatar brittany a 0

                                      Super interesting video! Also your camera quality is amazing! Your hair and makeup look flawless 💕💕