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Introduction - Pre school education starts usually at the age of 2.5yrs. To 3 yrs. and may extend up to 5yrs. of age. Babies at these tender ages are given infant education before they start their statutory and/or obligatory school education. In some countries this education starts before Kindergarten and normal primary school at play school franchise in India, where as in some other countries (as in some European countries) preschool and Kindergarten are the same. For this reason it is also known as pre-primary education in EU countries. In India pre-school education is imparted usually before Kindergarten.

Importance - The method and application of early education at playschool franchise is very important as this education lays the foundation of basic education in future life. That is why clear scientific methods are adopted by institutes specializing in preschool education. The teachers are also given training on such method of teaching so that they can prepare them well at this very tender age without overburdening them.

Method - The method of learning usually involves preparing and improving the cognitive skills of the infants to make them better prepared for the future education process. As the infants have general liking of music and colors, these two constituents form important part of the basis of preschool education. It has already been proved and well accepted fact that the infants follow and adopt pictures and music very easily. Therefore imparting early education with the help of pictures and music has become a generally accepted method for early education. Audio visual interactive teaching method has been adopted by many preschool educators as more acceptable form of teaching along with normal teaching procedures. Some playschool franchise that do not use audio visual teaching method, adopts manual teaching method and not following any automated or mechanical system of teaching but relying more on teaching through human interaction. There can be any number of debates as to which form of teaching is better, but nonetheless the method of teaching cannot be less important by any means.

Scope of improvement - It is worth mentioning that preschool education is rather new comparing to our age old education system. Therefore a lot of development and modification of teaching processes or methods are to be adopted which may prove more effective than preceding method. We should keep an open mind to adopt those methods provided the method has already proven its worth.

Conclusion - But it is also true that sometimes the guardians of the babies get overanxious to get their children prepared for higher classes and join in a race of over teaching these babies. The institutions also join hands with the parents which may result in early education to become a bad or frightening experience for the babies. Parents, educators, management staffs and everyone involved directly or indirectly in early education of children should be very much aware of the fact that the method of teaching should follow a very well researched path of imparting education keeping in view of the long term goal necessary to make bright students who will become the foundation of future social alleviation at playschool franchise.

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