Potsdam – Dampfmaschinenhaus für Sanssouci 01

Potsdam – Dampfmaschinenhaus für Sanssouci 01
The former steam power house for Sanssouci – also "pump house" or "mosque" called – stands in Potsdam to the new town-dweller Havelbucht. It originated by request of king Friedrich Wilhelm IV during the years from 1841 to 1843 under the direction of Ludwig Persius to the company of the big spout before the castle Sanssouci.

The building was established by request of the king „in kind of the Turkish mosques with a minaret as a chimney“. Although the admission of foreign architectural styles was absolutely usual in the time, it is the only building of this kind in Potsdam.

Inside as well as in the appearance of the „mosque of Potsdam“ Ludwig Persius orientated himself by an architectural style of the moorish architecture which is called oorish stamped late classicism. The costly creation of a house functional in itself owes the building probably to his exposed situation on the Havel’s shore. At that time the steam power house was visible from the royal garden terrace in Sanssouci.

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