Phil Beadle – Improving Writing Across the Curriculum

Phil Beadle – Improving Writing Across the Curriculum
Phil Beadle is an award winning teacher, an award winning broadcaster, education consultant, teacher trainer, public speaker, author and broadsheet columnist. Phil returns to Australia in 2017 to share his expertise in literacy and behavior management. This wildly amusing, wholly interactive and intellectually nourishing course, which has run with great success in the UK, will leave teachers vastly more knowledgeable about the mechanics of writing and how they might deliver these to students in a way that results in genuinely improved outcomes for them both in terms of results and as a way of enhancing their experience of life. It is a joy to be able to write well. This course will help teachers give that joy. Session Objectives Emphasise the importance of literacy in all subjects Ensure all teachers have full possession of the rules that children need access to write successfully.  Equip teachers with the language they need to communicate improvements in writing.  Provide a full range of speaking and listening activities to improve oracy. Provide teachers with a variety of interesting and exciting activities that they can use in classrooms to improve students’ achievement in the writing and analysis of both fiction and non-fiction. Enable teachers’ use of a variety of ways in which they might improve the quality of student talk. Certificates confirming 7 hours of professional learning will be provided to each attendee. This training is compatible with AITSL Professional Standards 1.5, 2.1, 2.5, 3.2 and 3.3. Meet Phil Beadle Best known in Australia for his role in the television series ‘The Unteachables’ which aired primetime on ABC1 and for which he won a Royal Television Society Award for being the best on-screen newcomer that year, Phil Beadle has a long history of delivering transformational English results in schools in challenging circumstances. Schools and academies he has worked in have become the most improved school in the country, had the highest contextual value added scores in London and been the most improved school/academy in their borough time and time again. He is a former winner in the United Kingdom Secondary Teacher of the Year Award in the National Teaching Awards and the winner of the London Secondary Teacher of the Year in the same year. As a consultant, he is expert in literacy and in behaviour management, and is a vastly experienced teacher trainer, as well as being the education speaker that other speakers don’t bunk. Responses to the training he provides are uniformly transcendant and he has been described on many occasions as “The most inspiring speaker ever”. He has written for every broadsheet newspaper in the UK, most memorably as an education columnist for the Guardian for ten years during which time he was nominated for a European Commission Award for the promotion of equality in journalism. He has written nine books on teaching and learning with an international reach and has worked in Australia, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the USA. His programmes for Teachers’ TV are used in universities across the English speaking world and include three of the forty most popular programmes in the channel’s run. He has won a further Royal Televison Society Award for the most educational impact in primetime schedule for ‘Can’t Read, Can’t Write’, and has appeared on Newsnight, the Today Programme, Woman’s Hour and Start the Week.

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