Pharmacy Technician Program Orientation

Pharmacy Technician Program Orientation
This orientation is for those interested in the Pharmacy Technician Program at the Ogden Weber Applied Tech College. Classes are held Monday thru Friday from 9am to Noon. Students must enroll for the whole 3 hour block on days they wish to attend and enroll for a MINIMUM of 6 hours per week unless they are financial aid sponsored (Pell grant, employer paid tuition, etc.) then students MUST enroll for a minimum of 12 hours per week. High school students can pick A or B day to attend class but must be able to attend from 9 am to Noon. Classes will start once a month on the first Monday of each month (unless that day is a holiday, then it will be Tuesday). Students who wish to enroll MUST be accepted into the program and get enrolled by the 20th of the month PRIOR to when will be starting.  Example: students accepted into the program by April 20th would be eligible to enroll for May, students accepted by May 20th would be eligible to enroll for the June class and so on.  This orientation is the mandatory first step in the application process for acceptance into the program. Applications will NOT be accepted until students have attended an orientation session. Students will also need to apply for acceptance to the college prior to being accepted into the program.  This step can be done online at the schools website and requires students to view a short online orientation video about school policies. The application is available on the schools website. Students must submit the completed application along with all supporting documents: PLEASE NOTE:  ALL TABE AND ACCUPLACER SCORES MUST HAVE BEEN TAKEN WITHIN THE PAST 2 YEARS IF DONE ON OUR CAMPUS AND WITHIN THE PAST YEAR IF TAKEN AT ANOTHER INSTITUTION.  TRANSCRIPTS MUST ALSO BE WITHIN THE PAST 2 YEARS. 1.  Accuplacer test scores for Math and Reading assessments showing a score of 65 or better in math and reading, TABE scores showing 10 or better in math and reading or high school/college transcripts showing Math 950 or higher and English 1010 or higher both with a C grade or better. If your math score is too low and you need to take the Math I class it can be done simultaneously with the Pharmacy Tech 1 class. 2. If you have not taken the high school or college level computer literacy in the past 2 years you will have to also enroll for the computer literacy for Pharmacy Technicians which is 28 hours long.  This class can be taken simultaneously with the pharmacy tech 1 class.  3.  Background check showing no criminal history was found by Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigations (BCI), this cannot be older than 30 days as DOPL will not accept it after that point (make this one of the last steps you complete before applying due to the time sensative nature). Use this link to access the document you will need for fingerprinting this will be mailed into Utah BCI to obtain your criminal history report After acceptance into the program students must provide copies of immunizations (2 MMR doses, Tetanus shot in the last 10 years, 3 Hepatitis shot series, and 2 Varicella doses or proof of the disease during childhood/blood titer test) and negative results for a TB test done in the past 6 months.  During this orientation we will briefly discuss school policies and give a quick overview of the program. If you have any questions please contact Tamie at

at Ogden Weber Applied Technology College
200 North Washington Blvd
Ogden, United States

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