Parents Children Education Situation in China

According to the U.S. authorities study, it is the best time to develop kids' intelligence from baby is born to 3 years old, and it is also the best time to accept education. At the same time, education experts say basis of education primarily formed before the age of three, which accounts for 80% of the entire educational process. Therefore, it is important to launch early childhood education.

In 1972, the British government announced White Paper on education, which pointed out it was too later for kids to accept education from 4-5 years old. What's more, children's future of development can't be guaranteed if not strengthen the country's education before three age. However, nowadays in China, Parents-Children Education is not impeccable, this education system mainly aim at children from three ages to fourteen ages and, to the contrary, Parents-Children education under three years old kids has presented a relatively weaker condition. According to statistics from authoritative, in 2010, China has 80 million children under three years old and it will reach up to 130 million in two years later. Therefore, Parents-Children Education plays an unparalleled role in country's development in today's society because it is the best pathway to improve kids' intelligence quotient and give important foundation in children's future.

Nowadays in Shanghai, China, many infants and young children's parents take part in Parents-Children class, Parents-Children club and even Parents-Children community to accept Parents-Children Education in every weekend. There are sweet smile on children's face and they are happy to play games with their parents. As for parents, they also look self-confident, they accept the guidance from experts and teachers. Gradually, Parents-Children Education becomes the hottest topic and the most beautiful scenery in Shanghai. It plays an important role of improving parents' moral character and family education's quality. What's more, Parents-Children Education, as a new education form, can maximize parents' enthusiasm and the children's potential so that parents learn to change their daily lives to conscious of a good education, which promote children enter the healthy growth track after they are born.

Parents who have received Parents-Children Education get a common understanding that this method is the innovation and progress of education. Parents are taught and children also get a lot.

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