Online Education in Sri Lanka is All Geared Up

Digitization of education is completely embraced world wide. Surveys have showed that education in its traditional form is incompetent to meet the learning needs of all the students. Different students have different learning needs. Digital education helps in management of individual student's learning needs. Therefore to achieve Online Education in Sri Lanka is targeted and encouraged.

Need of education in any individual's life has lead to a rat race and has create immense competition to prove better than any other. A change of education from learning to a battle has been resulted where education is encumbered just to have its reflection on marks. This kind of race has lost the true meaning of education and the entire course of being educated is changed into being able to get more marks. Students somehow manage to get the marks but the learned content is forgotten by a small period of time. e learning sri lanka is an idea to get rid of such interim learning procedures and create an environment where learning is made a never forgetting experience.

Changes taking place in domain of education are to transform the same old methods of teaching which were found ineffective. Interactive mode of education has changed the management and delivery of education Nowadays, online education has created its immense significance in teaching procedures. It makes use of technical advances in education and gives better results as compared to the tradition methods of education. It is said that mind is pliant with the concepts we listen, but the things seen leaves a long lasting impression in mind. Henceforth, digital learning is taking over conventional methods of learning.

Obviously, it is a matter of prestige for Srilanka Education to have been counted among countries holding highest percentage in adult literacy. Yet on the parameters of advanced learning and tech education it is lagged behind. Advanced learning that involves acquaintance of technology is the need of hour as, in the employment sector, it has attained a lion's share.

In Sri Lankan education system concepts of science and maths could made in practice with the use of digital and modern education in the classrooms. modern abc books are books on the main stream subjects, approved by the government of Sri Lanka. These books are made specially to assist the education through use of augmented reality application. Augmented reality application responds to the images enable with Nytra logo and changes view of images into animated one.

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