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Engineering is the art of putting scientific knowledge to use by applying mathematics and various sciences to solve problems in a number of areas. An education in engineering is available from a number of online schools and colleges, and can provide students with the necessary training to start the career they desire. With an online educational program students will have the opportunity to obtain the knowledge and skills needed for their career of choice while studying at their own leisure.

The field of engineering allows students to choose a specific area of concentration. These specific areas will depend on the levels of degrees that the chosen online school offers. Students can choose to specialize in one or more areas including chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and much more. The specialty each individual student chooses to pursue will determine the level of degree they will be required to obtain. Engineering degrees are available at an associates, bachelors, masters, and doctorates degree level.

An associate’s degree from an online educational institute may take around two years to obtain. With an associates degree in engineering graduates will be qualified to work as engineering technicians in the field with the supervision of a qualified engineer. Engineering technicians are trained to solve problems in manufacturing, research and development, construction, and more. Students can choose to concentrate on a specific area of study including computer electronics technology, software engineering, and other areas. An associates degree will provide students with the training needed to continue an education and receive a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

Bachelor’s degrees in engineering can be obtained from an online school or college and will allow students to complete their training in as little as four years. Areas of concentration include chemical engineering, and software engineering. With a bachelors degree graduates will have the ability to work in the field as engineering managers. Engineering managers are responsible for supervising engineering technicians, scientists, and other personnel while overseeing a number of activities. Students can study for a Bachelor of Science in Engineering or a Bachelor of Engineering Technology. With an education at a bachelors level students receive the training needed to pursue a master’s degree.

A master’s degree program can be completed with an online education once a student has obtained their bachelors degree, and usually involves two years of study. With an education in engineering at the masters degree level students will train for areas of specialty including civil engineering, aerospace engineering, and more. Depending on the online school or college students can graduate with either a Master of Engineering, or a Master of Science in Engineering. Graduates who hold a masters degree and wish to move up in the field of engineering can pursue a doctorates degree.

With online schooling students can receive a doctorates degree in engineering, which can take anywhere from four to eight years to complete. Students can choose to concentrate on a number of areas in the field such as biomedical engineering or nuclear engineering as well as others. With a doctorates degree graduates will be able to find employment as university professors, researchers, and more. A Doctor of Philosophy or a Doctor of Engineering can be obtained with an education from an online program. A doctorates degree is the highest available degree option for those looking to obtain a career in engineering.

Graduates of an online engineering program may need to obtain certification by taking and passing the Fundamentals of Engineering exam, in order to become a professional engineer. Licensure for engineers can also be obtained and may be required by some states. Certification and licensure may improve the degree holders’ opportunity for higher income. The median income for a graduate of an engineering program can run between $ 52,048 and $ 108, 020 annually depending on the level of degree. If you are interested in a career in the field of engineering contact online schools today for more information.

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