Online Degree Programs: A Wise Investment In Your Future

Online degree programs are increasing exponentially. They map multiple investments in your future. You have before you options for career paths–wise investments in your future. Granted, there are many programs available and this is overwhelming to some people; however, if you know yourself and know what you want for the future, you can narrow your search for the right program. For instance, if when you reflect on your future, do you see yourself as a clinical psychologist? An international banker? A statistician? This is the initial way to narrow your choices. The college degree will increase your number of employment opportunities by up to 40 percent. This is why online classes are a wise investment in your future.

You must decide if the a college programs you are considering are good matches for your interests and capabilities. There are many interest tests and performance tests that can help you narrow your range of choices in this respect. The Miller Analogy tests one’s ability to see relationships between seemingly disparate subjects. For testing your performance in specific skills, note the GRE and comparable tests. These tests can give you an idea if you are more gifted in a curriculum stressing math and science or a curriculum focusing on languages, history, literature and classics. Such are the opportunities awaiting you and offering guidance in your online education, steering you toward a wise investment in your future.

An online degree program in business administration requires a strong concentration in mathematics, comprised of pure math through calculus as well as statistics. You will also study probability theory, economics, accounting, advertising, marketing, negotiation strategies, and computer models of business modalities. These are some of the ways the curricula will be organized by field. This is what you can expect an online degree program to look like in business administration.

Online Degree Programs Require Mature On Task Behavior

Now consider online programs in science. In an online degree program you will take high concentrations of mathematics, biology, physics and chemistry. The math and physics will focus on mapping a mathematical model of the functioning universe. Science claims to make predictions based on mathematical models and might later be verified through empirical testing. For example, Einstein predicted the speed of light based on mathematical calculations and his prediction was later verified by experimentation. Such is the nature and the power of online degrees.

Online Degree Programs require you to stay on task. You will have to read and follow schedules and submit assignments on time. There is no such thing in an online degree program as slipping your late paper under the door. The computer date stamps your deposits to the drop box and if the assignment is late, it is so recorded. You will be required to learn the format of the course and to meet all assignments and policies of the institution. You must learn to navigate in one or more of the online interfaces such as e-College or Blackboard. Thus you may be working toward the mastery of two learning curves…the course organization of the material and the learning interface adopted by the college. Such is the nature of online degree programs. You are dependent on your computer to complete and submit assignments. If you computer crashes, you will need a backup plan…a second computer, access to a computer at your local university or library, or a friend’s computer. Best to arrange these backups before the emergency occurs.

Online Degree Programs Encourage Efficiency

To increase your efficiency in navigating online degree programs, you should familiarize yourself with the various support systems available to you from each school. Ordinarily, you can communicate with your instructor by clicking on Ask the Professor or Problems and Solutions or E-mail or in a discussion thread. Each of these modalities offers a way to stay in touch with your instructors and to raise questions when you are unclear on an assignment. You should also make sure that you read all lectures, all assignments and all announcements. These practices will enhance your experience of gaining an online degree through any online degree programs.

Online degree programs usually offer support systems in personal guidance, tutoring, financial aid, and academic counseling. In addition, if you are seriously ill or in an accident, there are extension programs available that provide a time line for makeup work. The college will usually provide an online library and special tutoring on documentation practices for APA and MLA. Such are the offerings of most online degree programs.

Michael Greene has taught hundreds of college students in various online degree programs over the past few years. Greene is convinced that it is important for every college student to carefully consider which distance education degree is the best fit.

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