OAA93 Fundraising Banquet in collaboration with the OAA NCA/USA

OAA93 Fundraising Banquet in collaboration with the OAA NCA/USA
Let us make Achimota School pacesetters in this digital age!Achimota School (formerly Prince of Wales College, now nicknamed Motown), is a co-educational boarding school.  It was founded in 1927 and has educated many African leaders, including the first president of Ghana- Dr.  Kwame Nkrumah. The motto of the school is Ut Omnes Unum Sint meaning "That all may be one", a reference to the founders' expressed philosophy that starting in the context of school life, black and white, male and female, everyone should integrate and combine synergistically for the good of all.  The Old Achimotan Association 1993 Year Group (OAA93) has an ambitious plan to catapult Achimota School into the digital age. For our 25th anniversary, which will be in 2018, we are required to deliver a legacy project to the school. OAA93 year group have opted to undertake and deliver the following as our legacy project to Achimota School: - Refurbish archives and provide a well-structured archiving system-Refurbish administration block 'General Offices' and setup a local area network (LAN) of 10 - 14 workstations equipped with a high-speed scanner, photocopier and printer.- Provide a Student Information Management System (SIMS) to help the school reduce the amount of paper records generated with the aim of becoming paper free.- Scan historical student records (subject to availability of funds), catalog and index digitised records into the Student Information Management System (SIMS)Leading up to the 25th anniversary of their graduation, which is in 2018, the OAA 93 year group will be hosting a fundraising event on July 1st, 2017. This will also mark and celebrate the 90th anniversary of the  school. We will appreciate your support in this event. See flyer for details. Our goal is to raise ,000 to help meet the needs of the school.

at The Bolger Center
Potomac, United States

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