Northumberland Father Daughter Ball

Northumberland Father Daughter Ball
Get ready for a night of giggles, dancing and memories with your daughter(s)! Our theme this year is "Alice in Wonderland". Follow down the rabbit hole to discover a world of imagination. The ball is catered towards girls 4 to 12 years old. They can expect to enjoy an exciting evening of music and dancing, photo opportunities with a professional photographers, live entertainment, and other fun and yummy surprises through out the evening. Tickets are dollars each. The Royal Procession! We invite fathers and daughters to participate in our royal procession. As you arrive your family and friends will be lined up on the Cobourg Lion’s Centre grounds to cheer for you and take pictures as our special guest calls out the names of each of your little princesses and their daddies. For name cards, please refer to our website. Some father/daughter duos will be arriving via limo, horse drawn carriage etc, so be creative!! This is a special evening that your princess will cherish for years to come! Please arrive no later or earlier than 4pm. Procession Parking Visitors and attendees, please use parking at the rear of the Lion's Centre and refrain from parking at the front or sides of the building.  For more information email us: We can't wait to see you! Natasha, Grace & LeeAnne

at Cobourg Lion's Community Centre
157 Elgin St E
Cobourg, Canada

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