1. -Ivan Loesch -Ivan Loesch
  2. Prometheus All Prometheus All

    I just love science. . . . . great lecture

  3. Helios77711 Helios77711

    SkyNet has become self-aware!!!!

  4. Ray Cadle Ray Cadle

    JESUS !!! Universe creator and ambassador of love💘 my true insperation. There's a fine line between upward rising and downward falling motion and its only molecule's difference which is visible in real time by tossing an object upward to see it smoothly turn around into a downward falling motion. Upward rising motion is molecule's with motion fired🔥up by it's electron's within gase's creating an ENERGY FLOW . Downward falling motion is molecule's without motion, molecule's trapped within solid object's blocking its electron's fire🔥power becoming motionless . Water too is motionless having trapped molecule's from oxygen hydrogen gas bonding unable to rise until sunlight energy split's it's trapped molecule's freeing the gase's, which then rise into the atmosphere, it's not E-VAP-OR-ATION . Electron's from trapped molecule's are also motionless but always not high alert poised for action willing and ready to connect with the earth at the speed of light establishing a downward falling path/motion for trapped molecule object's only….. On the opposite side upward rising motion is brilliantly confirmed as the ruling force of the universe named ENERGY FLOW with molecule's in motion fired up by it's electron's within raging star flames🔥earth gase's birds and balloons plains and rockets even us humans rise from ENERGY FLOW, yes ! The ruling force of the universe. Note ! Jupiter robbed of it's downward falling motion by upward rising gas storm's overriding all surface activity's , Jupiter do not have downward falling motion's thus its gravity free. Jupiter is an ENERGY FLOW planet with molecules in motion fired🔥up by it's electron's creating a massive energy attraction system pulling in numerous moon's compared to earth, which is an ENERGY LOCK planet with trapped molecule's within its solid body blocking it's electron's fire🔥power reducing its surface atmospheric activity's attracting less moon's. Visit YOUTUBE SUNLIGHT ELECTRO RAYS showing planetary orbit's powered by sunlight energy flow not gravity.

  5. OptimusVlad OptimusVlad

    Neil is awesome! He's becoming a national treasure.

  6. Thomas Drowry Thomas Drowry

    Like the way he had a dig at Israel for putting Einstein on their bank notes Lol

  7. Foxhole Plays Foxhole Plays

    "You can't have a tail and be a planet." I get his point about Pluto, really I do, but doesn't Venus have a slight tail? O.o

  8. AA Productions AA Productions

    Great Lecture!
    I normally wouldn't listen until the end of a 2 hour speech,
    but this one was definitely worth it!

  9. akronymus akronymus

    great, great, great

  10. Thomas Roberts Thomas Roberts

    Hate that he dumbs science down, and takes away what's cool. He doesn't inspire anyone. He is a royal turn off.

  11. Yanto Yanto

    Is not about death, but is about life.
    How you live a responsible and accountable life.
    The basic rationale in this world is the fairness.

    If you did bad things you will be punished. Did good things, you will be rewarded.
    But watch those mothers, babies, unfortunate children who were bombed, starved.
    They do no wrong. and the bombers, the people who create and maintain wars are actually enjoying all the life in this world. they live in great countries with all the glamourous life style. they got everything and then they really believe there is no after life, so they don't need to be held accountable and be held responsible for all the destructions they did…

    Is this, fair… no.. no confusion in this unless you are an idiot.

    But because religion has been corrupted, holy books have been altered, and science and technology is just barely scratching the surface of the real truth, therefore a lot of people who think they are smart, they decided that the only truth is their "knowledge"

    For me, it is extremely arrogant to claim that you know everything with certainty and decided with you little brain that there is no after life and no consequencies of what we are dong in this world.

    I am a human being, weak, and fragile, and mortal, dependent, and therefore I need a certainty to live on… live on this earth and next…responsibly and with certainty.

    The only available sources of knowledge, and source of authentic truth should be an authentic source of knowledge, book, the way of life, that can be measured.

    and I found the Holy Qur'an is the only authentic book with vast knowledge, deep and incredibly accurate. It even challenges you to show if any defects in that book. You know, none…. no defect nor any wrong quotes from that Holy Quran… proof it to your self.

    So, I become Muslim, and 100% confidence, and now I study and to follow the beautiful and authentic Qur'an. The only.

    But you really have to be humble and smart at the same time to understand the Qur'an in it's entirety.

    Thinking that life is only in this world is foolish and irresponsible, and usually claimed by those people with a lot of money and fames.

    Good luck to you all.

  12. Kye thecrazycatman Kye thecrazycatman

    if i turn off my device, i can't watch this anymore

  13. Brick stone Brick stone
  14. Brick stone Brick stone

    That thumbnail XD. But im still sad that the clouds blocked our eclipse today 😟

  15. LeBron is the definition of greatness. #cavsforever LeBron is the definition of greatness. #cavsforever

    Simply amaze and enlighten the world Dr. Tyson! He's the man!

  16. mike johnson mike johnson

    what happen to the astronomy lecture , when we jumped to poltitics???

  17. reiwell del reiwell del

    I have 3 teachers that were important to me: 1st one from high school, 2nd from university, and the 3rd is this man.

  18. Keshab Magar Keshab Magar

    Well, it turns out u did earn the applaud in the end neil the great tyson!!


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