National Geographic Documentary – Struggle for existence – Wildlife Animal

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    • avatar Sashy Dcy 0

      Wow 😱😱😱😱😱

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        • avatar coconut 0

          like a boss croc boss… (-_-)

          • avatar SelfZin 1

            So basically a Crocodiles' gang is like a Mob family

            • avatar Markus Andersson 1

              If I get 17,000 USD I will do all training and become a fully certified anti-poaching ranger in South Africa, and I will arm my self with a M4, while doing the 11 days in-a-row missions I will mount a go pro camera on my person (Mostly to prove myself in
              court if that ever happends) But im hoping there could be some excellent footage as well ;)

              Crowdfunding at

              Please share it if you care about elephants, rhinos and bringing some pain to the fuckers who shoots them.

              • avatar Willis Street 1

                you can tell human beings are some EVIL MONSTERS based of the millions of views these animals attack videos get. humans aren't entertained by this madness….THEY'RE LEARNING FROM IT!

                • avatar Mukesh Kumar rajpoot 0

                  Mukeshkumar rajpoot

                  • avatar Mo Murad 0

                    Fuck crocodiles the most stupid animal

                    • avatar Ina Libaax 1

                      wax kale

                      • avatar Zevra Luna 0

                        Except recent studies have shown that hippos are more omnivores than herbivores.