Mystical Psychic Fair

Mystical Psychic Fair
The Mystical Psychic Fair will give people a place to be themselves and experience the energy of psychic readers, energy workers, healings, and our awesome vendors that have some unique items for you!

Call Deborah Ann at 724-348-8063 for more information or to pre-book your reading. We welcome walk ins also. Bios for all the readers are listed on the Mystical Psychic Fair Facebook page.

Also we will have a donation jar for the Catherine Kubatka Cancer Fund! Her stepmother Amie who sells Lularoe at our fair will be there to accept any donations! Catherine is 12 years old and has stage 4 rhabdomyosarcoma cancer. Please most of all say prayers for this child!

at Skyview Fire Hall
660 Noble Dr.
West Mifflin, United States

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