My Finals Study Guide

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    • avatar Master JMV 0

      I was right, Ellie looks beautiful with glasses
      tier: 2 to 5 star
      class: mystic
      friends: Black Panther
      nemesis: Venom
      teammates: captain america
      rivals: Magik

      • avatar Nayy Bssd 0

        i love uuu 😍😍how do you dou your videos ??app??

        • avatar Patrick Wealk Privado 0

          when 5 sos song comes 😍😍😍

          • avatar Lina Hammadeh 1

            nerd glasses not really nice

            • avatar Amanda Gonzalez 0

              What kind of Starbucks drink? Looked so yummy!!!!!

              • avatar KatieMarie 1

                What color nail polish is in the intro? 😍

                • avatar busra ozal 0

                  you are so pretty

                  • avatar TeyaLynn 1

                    You should do a room tour

                    • avatar Stephany Cervantes 0

                      How do you edit your videos??? :)

                      • avatar Meshayam Ali 0

                        you should do whats in my school bag or purse video

                        • avatar Erika Castillo 0

                          why are u sooo prettyy?!?!

                          • avatar Miss.AmiraXO 1

                            Summer clothing haul or summer closet tour or a week in the life

                            • avatar Kylie Wendling 0

                              Swimsuit collection👙, things to do when your board in the summer, and more hauls !!!

                              • avatar Tiffany Cobbs 1

                                Room tour, house tour, you at your fav store with your BFF

                                • avatar Trinity Allman 0

                                  What grade are you in?

                                  • avatar Brandi Pallo 0

                                    I'm gonna be a official highschooler in 3 days 😭 I love your videos 💜