Mormonism and The Mormon Church – Multiple Gods?

In respect to this question the Mormons believe that because the Bible says that we will become joint heirs with Christ and become like him that this is where others will become Gods. They believe that yes that Mormons can become Gods but it has a limited factor to it and this is in the sense that they can be Gods representatives or servants. They again will refer to the Bible using the word God in plural several times.

Their doctrine will say that the true Christians being the Mormons are here for a very holy purpose. They will refer to first Corinthians where Paul talks about many Gods but not ones that are to be worshiped again they will stand on specific verses they will rely heavily on their support. Being true Christians based on the writings of what have been classed as historical Christians they will take this section of their writings in support of their plea of being true Christians.

One aspect that has become quite prominent in the teaching of the Mormons and their explanation of Christianity is that Judaism and Christianity have become closely linked going back many years. If one would take a closer look at it this is referring to theosis. This is based on the theory that or idea that man can become in a God like state.

The reference to this will be going as far back as to Adam and the fruit from the tree of knowledge speculating that Adam went out and did this and then he became as God. Another example that the Mormons will use is Enoch descended into heaven without even experiencing death.

It would seem that the Mormons will depend on almost every Christian writing that is in existence just about for support of their doctrine in reference to areas of these writings that pertain to their doctrine as far as becoming Gods. They do admit however that it is complex part of their doctrine and great care must be taken on how it is interpreted. Even reference to the Roman Catholic studies in respect to this doctrine is something that the Mormons will rely on as well if it happens to be supportive or construed to mean what the Mormons believe.

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