Mormon LDS Scriptures Are Based On Christianity. Fact or Myth?

The Mormon base part of their doctrine on the fact that they feel that Christ became a man and therefore that Mormons should strive to be more Christlike and therefore becoming Gods. They base a lot of their doctrine in this regard for this particular area from the book of Romans often the Holy Bible and this is their take or their version of what they feel that this book is in reference to or at least parts of it.

Actually when you are trying to determine what the Romans are saying in the defense of Christianity it in itself comes down to where the explanation becomes quite muddled. They believe that Christ became like man, and his mortal virtues came from his earthly mother Mary and that she was the one that gave him the power to die and to suffer and to experience the temptation as we do. The Mormons will often refer to the power that Christ will give individuals to perform miracles referring to Moses and Paul for example.

There are many scriptures that the Mormons will relate to from the King James version but again it must be remembered that they only believe in portions of the Holy Bible as they feel that it has become corrupt. This is corruption that has come from the lack of material that they feel has been missed during the translation of the word. They will often refer to Hebrews 2 as a favorite book as well that this book deals with the place that man's position is and talks about sanctification. They will also take various verses from other sections of the Bible mostly from the New Testament.

Why did President Hinckley say Mormons don't believe in the Jesus of the Bible?

The Mormons feel that the words of President Hinckley are really attacked by the Christians who are anti-Mormon. This is based on Hinckley indicating that the Mormons don't believe in the Jesus of the Bible. This was purportedly taken from an interview with Larry King. The crux of this interview was based on the fact that Hinckley was to have indicated that although the Mormons believe in Christ that that they don't believe in the traditional Christ of the Bible. It must be remembered that the Mormons are of the opinion that the Bible has been corrupted because of much missing and contorted information.

The Mormons stand staunchly on the belief Christ of the Bible but do not believe in the Trinity as the way traditional Christians look at both of these. Hinckleys remarks are based on the vision that Joseph Smith had and based this entire religion on.

Isn't your emphasis on works a departure from historic Christianity?

It would seem that the dissension between the believers of the basic Christianity and the Mormon church is quite vast. It is often a play on words and the Mormons fully believe that they are following the true commandments. The Mormon make reference to Christians thinking that they are following historic traditional Christianity but the Mormons believe that this is more of a modern Christianity that took place around the 16th century.

The Mormons often make reference to other books besides the New Testament that is based on Christianity as well and they believe that the Christian followings are very close to the doctrine that the Mormons following now. They believe that the writings that they are referring to outside of the holy Bible were Christian writings and that they definitely go against what Christianity is believed to be today. They make reference to the Apostolic Fathers quite often quoting passages from this book referring to the different letters written within the Bible. Again what the problem comes down to is that it is a part quotation of the King James version and it would appear that the Mormons will take some section of the Bible that fit their needs but will not look at the Bible in its entirety as being the word of God.

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