Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation
Have you ever been curious what mindfulness meditation is? More and more, research around the world shows that, specifically, mindfulness is changing people for the better in a variety of ways.

Our brains are plastic, meaning they can always change. Mindfulness is a tool that puts us in touch with this very ability, to rewire our brains, our habits, our ability to deal with the constant trap that is thoughts -> feelings -> emotions.

Join us at the Hut and learn from our Class Coordinator/Drum Teacher Max in this unique workshop! Max has a degree in nuero-psychology from Temple University in America, completed an 8-week meditation course at UPenn, and has over 30 hours of teacher training in mindfulness.

Zen out with us! And check out our other meditation workshops in this holiday program! Only : )

at The Rhythm Hut
135 Faunce st
Narara, Australia

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