Miami Seaquarium Educational Programs in February 2017

Miami Seaquarium Educational Programs in February 2017
For more than 61 years, Miami Seaquarium has been an advocate of marine life education and conservation. Through its current interactive educational programs, Miami Seaquarium continues its mission of educating students of all ages about the wonders of marine life. Miami Seaquarium will host several educational programs in February of 2017. They include Home School Classes, Day Camps and Mommy and Me.
Home School Classes: Home School students can participate in the educational programs offered at Miami Seaquarium. The programs teach students from pre-K to high school about marine plants, animals and many other aspects of marine life in an interactive, hands-on way. Date and theme:
February 8, 2017 - Marine Mammal Managers: This particular home school class will focus on marine mammals and how they live in an ocean environment. The behaviors and adaptations of dolphins, manatees and sea lions will be discussed with the students so that they may learn all about marine mammals.

Day Camps: Offered as alternatives to Miami-Dade County Public Schools teacher work days, kids K-12 will explore various marine mammal species, what they need for their survival, their diet and what makes them unique. Additionally, students will enjoy exciting animal interactions, shows, art projects, games and marine biology fun. Date includes:
February 20, 2017- Turtley Rad Turtles - Campers will spend the day learning about the differences between sea turtles and tortoises. They will get the chance to hold a red footed tortoise and even feed our sea turtles.

Mommy and Me: Parents, guardians and their children between the ages of two and five may enjoy “Mommy and Me.” During the program, mother and child will learn about different animals, from stingrays to manatees. The program will offer mothers and children the opportunity to interrelate and bond with these unique animals. Date and theme:
February 15, 2017 - When a Manatee is Sick at Sea - Learn all about our rescue and rehab program through this month’s class. Get the chance to feed the manatees, create arts and crafts and play a game that teaches about what happens when a manatee is sick at sea.

Miami Seaquarium, South Florida's most popular tourist attraction, is a family-oriented marine-life park open to the public 365 days a year. The park provides visitors with a greater understanding and appreciation for marine life through shows, presentations and exhibits. More information on Miami Seaquarium visit For more information regarding schedules or to register in educational programs, please call (305) 361-5705 ext. 526 or 207.

at Miami Seaquarium
4400 Rickenbacker Causeway
Key Biscayne, United States

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