Meet & Hire: UX Designer and Developer Talent

Meet & Hire: UX Designer and Developer Talent
Meet + Hire: UX Design and Web Development Talent Overview Discover the UX designer or web developer who will get your business running at full-speed at General Assembly. At our exclusive event, recruiters and hiring managers will meet expert-trained, job-ready candidates including: UX Designers who completed 10 weeks of intensive curriculum covering the latest UX design concepts, practices, and digital tools. Because UX design is very human-centric, it requires not only hard skills in user research, interface design, and prototyping, but a level of empathy and intuition that just can’t be captured on paper. At this event you'll discover an untapped pool of problem-solvers, innovative thinkers, and top notch collaborators. Full Stack Developers who have spent 12 weeks coding, collaborating, and problem-solving in our rigorous, full-time Web Development Immersive (WDI). Trained by industry professionals in today’s most relevant programming languages, tools, and techniques like JavaScript, Rails, and APIs, they have real experience working both independently and on teams, and are ready to bring their skills to your business.     What You’ll Take Away Our intimate networking environment is ideal for getting to know potential hires on a deeper level, going well beyond a cursory resume scan. The concentrated meet-and-greet format will allow you to: Look through and discuss attendees’ portfolio projects, which consist of functioning sites and apps that solve real-world business problems and clickable prototypes for real clients that showcase their competencies and design style Chat about about their work process, competencies, and experience during the program to gain insight on how they tackle challenges, perform under pressure, and collaborate across teams. Discover the ideal person who will fill the gaps in your dev team and push your business forward. Find the right cultural fit for your company with informal, one-on-one conversations. Make meaningful connections with top talent you can hire for current and future opportunities. Why It Matters Every digital company needs stellar tech talent to reach and hold onto success. Discover the ideal person to do the job in our untapped pool of exceptional developers and designers — before the competition does. Meet potential hires who have trained in both technical skills and interpersonal techniques in General Assembly’s intensive User Experience Design and Web Development immersive programs. Can't make it? Email to find out how you can still get in touch with our graduates.  By submitting your email address, you agree to receive updates about news, programs, and special events from General Assembly.  Please refer to General Assembly’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more information.

at General Assembly – Downtown
125 Summer Street , 13 Floor
Boston, United States

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