Matt Dangler “The Hidden Ones”, Brian Mashburn “Overburden” & Scott Radke “Home at Last”

Matt Dangler “The Hidden Ones”, Brian Mashburn “Overburden” & Scott Radke “Home at Last”
Matt Dangler “The Hidden Ones”     “"The Hidden Ones" marks the first collection of artwork where I’ve drawn from an inner well of love, opposed to a coping mechanism from pain. That’s very important to me, but also has influenced the aesthetics of the art, subject matter and color schemes present in my work. It has tapped into everything that I can offer and experience, opposed to bits and pieces of focused research.” – Matt Dangler     –     Brian Mashburn “Overburden”   "My paintings often reference the myriad ways that humans influence the natural world as well as the impact nature has on us – our culture and economy.  I am interested in this interaction and the various attitudes and entitlements that accompany it. The term ‘overburden’ embodies an entitlement philosophy with regard to ethical land usage; a sort of manifest destiny-tinged belief that man (contingent on race and class) should conquer nature, that man is above nature."'  – Brian Mashburn   –     Scott Radke “Home at Last”   Scott Radke’s surrealistic sculptures hold great emotion and stories in their childlike faces. A mixture of animals, celestial bodies and anthropomorphic beings make up the work in “Home at Last”, each offering a strong and unique presence. These chimeras intermingle nature with humanity, bringing our most instinctive emotions to the surface, but also playfully pull at our imagination and invite us to follow them into their secret worlds.  

at Haven Gallery
155 Main St, Suite 4 , Carriage House Square
Northport, United States

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