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    Math is not the Queen of science. However, mathematicians are definitely the queens of science. They superimpose numbers and symbols upon nature then are shocked when simple logic shows them other things about nature. Worse, they believe that nature is somehow mathematical. In fact, math is just a language that describes natural relationships accurately and precisely. Nature is no more mathematical than words or any other language. Mathematicians are so fucking egotistical they use their language to describe nature then proclaim Nature itself is math. Bullshit. That's like saying that since you can describe nature with English, that nature speaks English. It's mysticism. In other words, this is bullshit.

  2. Araragi Koyomi Araragi Koyomi

    Who's the mathematician? Who's is the programmer? God ofcourse. ..

  3. oswald rendon-herrero oswald rendon-herrero

    Why? GOD!

  4. Angshuman Mahato Angshuman Mahato

    Do you think we make formula , they are already present god just sends an extraordinary mind to place in a piece of paper.

  5. Chunky Pythagoras Chunky Pythagoras

    No disrespect to Newton, but they should ALWAYS feature Leibniz over Newton in a programme about mathematics. Newton at best had inferior ideas to Leibniz and at worst outright plagiarised his work. Leibniz's calculus is "infinitely" superior to Newton's, as was his integrated mathematical philosophy. Newton's mathematical universe was entirely materialistic, and Newton himself spent more time on his bizarre, occult, supernatural, biblical interests, trying to unlock the secrets of the Bible – ie. Newton was highly delusional. Leibniz used mathematics to PROVE that dimensional and dimensionless reality are two aspects of the same basic substance, and the mathematics was the underlying basis of all existence. Mathematics formed humanity, not the other way round. Leibniz was one of the greatest minds in human history.

  6. Sherene Michaels Sherene Michaels

    Matt, The air pushing is pushing back on the feather, in proportion to the weight of the hammer, bulldozing it way through the air
    In other words, the air is pushing up the feather, in proportion to how much the hammer is pushing down on the air, as the hammer falls
    This is probably a stupid assumption, but one day I saw a bully trying to fight a guy he couldn't handle, and then turning around and smacking down a little guy, Who was no match for him
    The air is no match for the hammer, but it sure can push back on the feather, in proportion to how much the hammer falls

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    God i hate 'popular science'

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    This is one of those videos flat Earthers don't watch.

  11. Jiang Lingke Jiang Lingke

    Uhg I hate the brain part

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    I wanna throw up anyone mentions that Fibonacci discovered the "fibonacci sequence"… nice propaganda documentary

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    Good explained


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