1. Meilan Daguman Meilan Daguman

    This video explain why man and woman has such a hard time understanding. Very educational and interesting information. Thank you

  2. Amanda Hooper Amanda Hooper

    Watches video: wow such REAL wisdom. Maybe as a human Leo represents us growing up and evolving! Reads comments and replies: nope, just a big group of egotistical dummies still. 🤡 hahahha

  3. 1000mishi 1000mishi

    This vid is fantastic. It totally resonated with me and I have 2 questions: 1) Concerning your analogy of the fruitflies, I get it, but I don't understand the purpose or benefit (with fruitflies or humans) of having the body of one gender and the mind/brain of another. Can someone clarify? 2) You stated in general that men don't want to share their feelings when they're upset, that they just need alone time. How do you account for men who pay prostitutes to "listen" to them because they say their wives don't? Are they just a tiny minority (exceptions)? Thanks in advance! Btw, I LOVED the way you presented the content.

  4. Jake Fenton Jake Fenton

    What I need to accept and integrate about the opposite sex that I have ignored up till now is …

  5. Tobias Orion *rFitz* Tobias Orion *rFitz*

    Yes, Men and Women are not Equal.

  6. Robert ORourke Robert ORourke

    I think what you're trying to say is that for men truth is the highest moral value, and for women, compassion is the highest moral value.

  7. M Kay M Kay

    To be honest I'd rather you say it up front then take forever to explain it…Either I love you or I don't…Simple people don't take to much time on it. You have 100 years or at east to live don't F*cking waste it!!

  8. doobeedoobeedooo doobeedoobeedooo

    Nice to have my preconceptions backed up by science. I've gotten into so many debates with people over this who maintain gender is sex and trans people are mentally ill.

  9. Ferii Ferii

    hey leo what should i do when my mother wasnt beside me when i was a child? im fucked like thar monkey u said and i have alot of issues in social relations,can u make a video on this topic pls?thanks

  10. borimir3 borimir3

    Leo, is that means that when i want to attract women,need to be more feminin?

  11. Ibn Sina Ibn Sina

    "He is attracted to your ass, to your face and to your tits" HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

  12. john mohoi john mohoi

    Isn't that swirly triangle thing the pedo sign?

  13. Alexis Carleton Alexis Carleton

    oh boy! hey girl!

  14. luis Duron luis Duron

    I love ur vídeos.
    God bless u


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