Magic of the Mountains – The Secrets of Nature

Magic of the Mountains - The Secrets of Nature

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    • avatar Remaafrhiy Remaafrhiy 0

      So. Nice

      • avatar Donald 'MOAB the A-rab' Trump 1

        allah didnt make the Earth you muslim retards. You literally worship a meteorite in mecca like savages.

        • avatar Master Yoda 0

          Great documentary, and what a beautiful part of the world.

          • avatar Jabar Khan 1

            great.then how i got this type eagle

            • avatar Alan Cnc 0

              Subhanallah….alam yang indah….
              surganya dunia…

              • avatar Kitawna Day-Light 1


                • avatar Dylan P. 0

                  turn down the volume to the commercials

                  • avatar Mary 1

                    Such a wonderful relaxing documentary.
                    And the narrator's voice adds a sense of calmness to the documentary too.

                    Love it!!

                    • avatar Fomkumar Fomkumar 1

                      wow i liks nature

                      • avatar Dawoud David 0

                        Yes Dear! Saved by Jesus Christ! I was Zealous muslim through dreams and visions I saw Jesus Christ! later came out of my body BUT according to the world says died then read this Death and came back to live Life after Death Seven Heavens and Lordship of Jesus Christ, Here is the …. 7 Heavens! 1- people in earth, 2- The spirit of death people above the earth, 3- satan's demons A to Z, 4- satan himself and his throne, 5- the souls of all people did not hear the message of Christ or never read bible about Jesus but lived right, 6th heaven has 2 Spiritual floors! a- Jesus's followers, b- Those that killed because of their faith in Jesus Christ. in the top of 6th heavens are setting Abraham, Issac and Israel. 7th- Angels are guarding, the border and the Throne of ALMIGHTY. and each time when follower of Christ beheaded in earth he/ she comes right to the 6th Heavens and then send to a resting place until the big celebration starts, when each time the martyr arrives in 6th heavens then God almighty send a message to father Abraham through His angel and say congratulation Abraham that your son/ daughter came home!!

                        • avatar Christopher allen 1

                          never thought i would say it !! but in 1 scene there is way too much cow bell!!!!

                          • avatar M Husnain 1


                            • avatar NIQBAL21 0

                              I LOVE ANIMALS