London Square Mile Photography

London Square Mile Photography
1 Day CourseDay:  SaturdaysTime: 11:30am - 4:45pm The City of London is the original Roman settlement founded in the year 43 A.D. on the North Bank of the Thames by the Roman emperor Claudius. Today it is commonly referred to as "The Square Mile". On this course, you will be led by a professional photographer around the commercial heart of Britain. The constantly evolving Square Mile is rich in architectural history, whilst also giving us glimpses of the city of the future. You will not only be guided in terms of technical photographic skill, but will also discover fascinating insights into some of the most unique and astounding glass and steel structures in the world today. During the first half of this active day, you will learn how to capture the most interesting and intriguing aspects of The City whilst discovering the architectural achievements that put London on the map. The afternoon session will take place back at Wesltand Place Studios where you will be able to review and discuss your images with your course tutor and fellow photographers. From the Monument to the Gherkin, this course will enable you to understand how to create captivating images and further your understanding of urban and architectural photography.   Course requirements: You will need a digital camera, ideally with a wide angle lens. Please note that this active day involves a significant amount of walking.   View Full course details: Before booking a place on any of our courses  please ensure that you have read our  booking policy.

at The Monument
Fish Street HIll
City of London, United Kingdom

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