LNT Live.

LNT Live.
LNT are a comedy duo created by Luke Courtenay Smith and TP Hyland. Their nights include; weird games, stand up comedy, thumpin' tunes, public crying, public shaming and references to obscure 1940's jazz. Establishing themselves firmly in the cobbled hoods in Norwich, LNT began selling out shows immediately.  Their shows; LNT: finds romance (blind date special), New Year Spectacular &  LNT headlines the Lord Mayors procession were chaotic, messy and hilarious and LNT are quickly becoming renowned for creating atmospheres akin to (probably) the hacienda (if it was headlined by Dick and Dom instead of Joy Division), Cream in Ibiza (if again, it was headlined by Dick and Dom and not Avicii or whoever bloody headlines that thing), and Woodstock (if it was headlined by the Chuckle Brothers on acid). Be prepared to get very drunk, cry a little bit, do a little sickie, have a little laugh, sure, then go home going "oh yeah, they were quite good weren't they". Look at all these people who said that. "yeah they were quite good"Audience member #1 "yeah, i really enjoyed that for a bit"Anon. "2 pints please, barkeep"Man at bar.

at The Birdcage
23 Pottergate
Norwich, United Kingdom

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