Lions the Best Hunters Ever! Wildlife Documentary 2015

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    • avatar ryth chauhan 0

      i feel sorry for the the adult lion when they tried to kill him by the fire

      • avatar John Smith 0

        The African wild dog is the most efficient hunter. Not the lion.

        • avatar Christopher Chan 1

          Good documentary but why repeating? To fool people about the length of the video? 👎

          • avatar King Trawal 0

            Idiots. you should not be fucking around with nature like this! Let nature be.

            • avatar Ashok Shah 0

              Lata. And. Kishor

              • avatar Ashok Shah 0

                Lata. Mangeshkar

                • avatar Ashok Shah 0


                  • avatar Vehonga Tjiroze 0

                    great video…

                    • avatar Ngamz Sitlhou 0

                      Lady liuwa started following herbert was so cute or i don't knw how to express it coz of weak english… I just wanted to be the man.. what a lovely documentary…b

                      • avatar chelsey olsen 0

                        Such a beauty and it breaks my heart that she is so lonely, the poaching and hunting needs to end!Look at the suffering it does my god im so glad she has some friends now!!Bless you lady Lua.

                        • avatar Erik Krutsky 1

                          I love to film animals