Lego + littleBits Meetup

Lego + littleBits Meetup
Unrestricted Creativity! Lego, the quintessential building block that has inspired generations of creativity, now meets its new complimentary electronic building block – littleBits! littleBits are every bit as modular as Legos, and each bit has a different function – Some provide power to the circuit, others are inputs, such as buttons, sensors, or other controllers, wires extend the circuit, and lastly, outputs make things happen, from LED lights, to fans, DC motors, and servos, thats where things get exciting! Research has shown that Free Play is an essential component to build independent, well-rounded children. By giving them all the building blocks and allowing kids to work on their own, and in groups allows them to learn by just having fun! Learning by making and doing instead of "being taught" or told what to do empowers kids with the understanding that they can build things through trial and error, instilling in them strong critical thinking skills, self-esteem, and confidence! Join us in these special two-hour sessions where your kids will have access to thousands of legos, over 300 littlebits, and a safe, social space to build with other young creators! FAQ What does my child need to bring? Absolutely nothing! We will provide thousands of lego pieces, and hundreds of littleBits for them to create with! Can I leave my child at the space for the session? Yes, there will be two instructors who supervise the play session. Contact information will be recorded at the beginning of each session in case the parent/guardian needs to be reached. Who will be supervising the children? Daisy Nodal has worked as an instructor at UCP South Florida for over 5 years and now creates custom STEAM learning experiences at Moonlighter Makerspace. Tom Pupo is an instructor at Florida International University and teaches various Maker educational programs at the Makerspace as well. What age should my child be to participate? We have found that in some cases, kids a little younger or older may enjoy the session, but we generally recommend the ages of 6-10. Will any food or snacks be provided? We have juices and chips available for sale in our snack shop. You can also leave a snack with your child in a lunch box. Can my child keep their creations? The library of legos and littleBits is for community educational use, so they will have to leave their creations at the space, but we do have littleBits kits available for sale at our space so you can keep creating at home!

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