Learner Community Day Event – Fall 2017

Learner Community Day Event - Fall 2017
Learner Community Day Event Friday October 6th, Evening – Saturday October 7th Our 2nd in-person Learner Community Gathering will take place the evening of Friday, October 6th with a dinner and continue all day, Saturday October 7th. This event is open to all whom have attended any of our in-person courses, teleseminars and webinars. It will follow our Fall Chief Question Officer (CQO) program, which is September 27th-30th. The location for all these events is the beautiful Mt. Washington Conference Center in Baltimore, Maryland. Friday Night October 6 – 6:30 pm Dinner & activities - .00 Saturday October 7 – 8:30 am - 4:30 pm – 5.00 - Presentations, Sharing, Group work – includes continental breakfast and lunch and any materials for the day. The purpose of the Learner Community Day Event is first to establish and extend the experience of community way beyond any particular courses you may have taken with us. Meet new colleagues and friends, be inspired, learn from one another, share your Question Thinking experiences, generate new possibilities—and have fun! Here’s what’s planned so far: 1) Recognize and officially award certificates to Chief Question Officers 2) Learn from each other: presentations and conversations about applications, experiences, and results with QT 3) Identify and create future possibilities, applications, and research in QT 4) Connect in Special Interest Groups (SIG’s)—for coaches, leaders, educators, healthcare professionals, etc. Sign up for Friday night dinner AND Saturday or if you can’t join us Friday sign up for just Saturday’s activates. If you want to volunteer during the week of courses OR during the Learner Community Day Event please or to request more information, please email Kim@InquiryInstitute.com

at Mt. Washington Conference Center
5801 Smith Ave
Baltimore, United States

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