League of Legends: NA LCS Summer Split 2017 – QUARTERFINALS (BATTLE ARENA)

League of Legends: NA LCS Summer Split 2017 – QUARTERFINALS (BATTLE ARENA)
Watch North America’s best teams battle in the NA LCS! ***Please note – these are tickets to the matches happening in the ARENA on this date. Doors open about an hour before the first scheduled game start. Go to LoLEsports for more info and the match schedule. You can find photos of the events on our Flickr page.   TICKETS FAQ Q: Do I have to print the ticket? Do I have to bring Photo ID? A: You can print your ticket or display it on your smartphone so that we may scan the QR code. We will need your ID if you do not have a copy of your ticket to reference your name against our records. Q: Why are there different tickets on sale for the LCS days?A: We have split the show into two separate studios to continue the best-of-3 format started last Summer Split. Check out which games will be shown in which studio on Lol Esports. The studios are:ARENATHEATER Q: Can I switch between studios?A: You can only access the area for which you purchased a ticket. Switching between studios is not an option unless you buy tickets to both the ARENA and the THEATER. Please make sure you double check which studio is hosting the games that you want to attend when you buy tickets. Again, you may refer to   Q: Is there an age requirement?A: Children under the age of 10 are required to be accompanied by an adult. Q: When should I arrive? What if I am late?A: On Saturdays and Sundays…Check in begins at 10:15am. Audience load-in begins at 11:15am. The broadcast begins at 12pm (noon). No worries if you are late; there will always be someone available to check you in. Q: How is seating arranged?A: There is bleacher seating on a first-come, first-served basis. Arriving early increases your chances of sitting closer to the stage but does not guarantee it. Our studios are designed so that all seats provide adequate viewing angles for our audience, and arriving early does not mean your seat will have a better view. Q: Is there food for sale? Can I bring my own?A: There is a concession stand in the studio that has various food items for sale. We do allow outside food and drinks, no alcohol allowed on the premises. Q: Is there merchandise for sale?A: Yes, there is a merchandise store in the NA studio. Q: Is there parking?A: On Saturdays and Sundays… Parking is available in the parking structure located at 12200 W Olympic Blvd. Directions: Enter the parking structure on Olympic Boulevard between Bundy and Centinela (next to 12312 W Olympic Blvd) and park in any available space on the P1 and P2 levels. Parking is not permitted in "Reserved" spaces at any time and vehicles are subject to removal at the owner’s expense. Parking behind another car in a tandem space will require that you leave your key with the valet attendant. Once you have parked your vehicle please proceed to the staircase in the northwest corner of the garage, walk upstairs and then west (left) along Olympic Blvd to our studio next door. You will see our large LCS jumbotron in the surface lot where ticket check-in takes place. Please utilize these staircases as opposed to the elevator through the lobby. For wheelchair accessibility please use the elevator at the 12200 West Olympic Building and get off on the 1st floor (main lobby), exit the lobby doors facing Olympic Boulevard, make an immediate left to head west and proceed to the adjacent 12312 building. A parking validation will be provided to you by the Riot Games staff; please remember to request one. Q: Is there a place to drop off?A: Yes, drop-offs are always welcome in front of the studio at 12312 W Olympic Boulevard.  

12312 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, United States

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