Languages In Programming And Tech Developments

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Programming and tech are inseparable. Computer programming has come from a very primitive age to a very intelligent generation. With a look at the different generations of programming languages we see that programming has really undergone technological developments in a major way. There are currently five generations of computer programming languages.

First, we have the first generation languages. And they represent the very early, primitive computer languages that consisted entirely of 1’s and 0s, and this was the machine language which only the machine could comprehend. We then went to the second generation languages, which represent a set up from the first generation languages. They allowed the use of symbolic names instead of just numbers. These languages are also referred to as assembly languages, for the code is written in an assembly language which is converted to machine language.

The third generation language saw an introduction of words and commands instead of just symbols and numbers. These languages therefore, had syntax that was much easier to understand. They are known as high level languages and include C, C++, Java and JavaScript among others. The fourth generation Languages saw a use of a syntax that is very close to human language, an improvement from the previous generation of languages. This language is typically used to access databases and includes SQL and ColdFusion among others. In the fifth generation languages, we find languages that are being used in neural networks. This is a form of a very artificially intelligent language that attempts to interpret how the human mind works.

From the generation of languages, we have the actual languages themselves; there are different categories of programming languages which include web languages and software languages. Web languages are used for creating and editing web pages. They can do anything from adding plain text to accessing or retrieving data from a database. There are different examples of web languages and these include: HTML, hypertext markup language. It is used to define the structure and layout of web pages by using various tags and attributes. It specifies the content a web page will contain but not how the web page functions. We also have JavaScript a language used to provide dynamic and interactive content on web pages. With JavaScript it is possible to communicate with html ,create animations, validate forms etc. likewise we have java which is a powerful and flexible language that can be used to create applets( a program executed from another program) that runs through web pages as well as software applications. You can interact with the user; create graphical programs, read files and more using java.

For the software languages, they are used in creating executable programs and even the entire operating system. Some of the examples include: C, an advanced programming language used for software application development and creating operating systems for example, UNIX operating system. We also have Visual basic a language based on the basic language, and is used in creating windows applications. Finally we have C++ which is like C, but its more object oriented. Its main function is graphical application development.

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