Keeping your Hormone’s Happy

Keeping your Hormone’s Happy
Do you get bloated in the tummy? Are you constipated or seem to go to the bathroom too often? Has some part of you got lost? Are you socialising less? Is your confidence going? Struggle to jump out of bed in the morning? Feel like you’re living but not alive? Your brain’s not sparking like it used to? Feeling a bit flat or have a low mood? Bothered by your weight gain? We have the answers, well we don't but Emma does…  Introducing amazing Author, Nutritionist, Nutritional Therapist and Chef – Emma Ellice-Flint. Emma's book;  The Happy Hormone Cookbook shares how all women go through changes at different stages in life. Emma's book will help you manage your bodily changes, no matter where you are on the cycle of life.  Emma is passionate about helping women embrace health and wellness as their bodies change, whether you want: Extra energy Perhaps a more upbeat mood or less feelings of anxiety Improved sleep Fewer menstrual symptoms Transitioning into menopause Weight loss What to eat to become ready for conception and what to eat whilst pregnant Recovery from child birth JOIN US for a fun night full of info and great food tastings…  More about Emma : Click here to learn more Bachelor Health Science Degree (Nutrition) / Advanced Diploma Nutritional Medicine / Diploma of Nutrition / HND Hotel Catering And Institutional Management

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