K12 online virtual homeschool review

K12 online virtual homeschool review

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    • avatar Leah Nance 0

      K12 is Horrible I have a child in third grade with autism and she is in a self contained class. Sometimes I would have trouble with the class connect sessions and even if I tried to do it and it didn't work she would be counted absent. The teacher was rude and didn't want to help and nobody would answer the phone or try to help you. I will be changing today. My advice stay away from K12!!!

      • avatar Y̵u̵r̵i̴.̷ ̵c̴h̴r̷ 0

        Is it required to travel and visit other people? I cannot travel often

        • avatar It's the Rachel Show 0

          Hi how long do you get for breaks like Christmas spring or fall break I get 10 days at private school and curious because I may be doing online school this year.

          • avatar Natalie Guillen 0

            I do Nevada Virtual Academy as well, and I enjoy it. I just think that kids would have to want to do school and would want to put their focus into doing online school but it really isn't that hard if they put they mind to it and I think that would really help, it definitely helped with my mom and put less stress on her and I do think that they do have us do a bit of work but I honestly would do the work than being in a regular school. Regular schools nowadays are horrible, you have kids coming home sick and coming home with lice and some kids are bullied and you have teachers who don't care about our education and some kids are really bad influences on other kids. I have two younger cousins and I've seen all of this happen to them and it's sad. My mom has asked me if I wanted to go to public school but I don't think I will ever go back to public school.

            • avatar sarahx sarah 1

              did k12 send you a computer for your girls

              • avatar Charlie MacDonald 0

                Thank you for making this 😊

                • avatar Ebby 922 1

                  How do you get started

                  • avatar Gizmobeautiful Martin 0

                    Is your kids still home studied. I also live in las vegas NV

                    • avatar Justin K. 0

                      K12 was amazing for me! I dropped out of public school start of my senior year because fuck homework and all that shit and with k12 I legit got on maybe 5 or 6 times a month (but I would binge a whole subject each day) I also never ever did my class connects(Talked to my counselor and she said if i was passing it was okay) and still passed with A's B's and C's. I was getting C and D in public school! K12 was a blessing but thats because im a lazy ass who only does the high point assignments bc they come easy to me, not because of the points in this vid..

                      • avatar Summer Garcia 0

                        I have homeschooled independently for nine years and I am considering k12 for my 9th, 2nd, and 1st grader. I am worried if it will be too much work daily, or if we won't like the curriculum.

                        • avatar Patty Gonzales 1

                          K12 expects alot of work

                          • avatar Style 9ine 1

                            What do you mean " Class Connects". Are students in a physcial classroom, or is this virtual much like online course????