K12 Highschool (9+ grade) 2016

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    • avatar Eddie DeMars 1

      No light? No technology Wars? Are you serious? Try not much written history was left. That's why it's called the dark ages.

      • avatar Saira 0

        hey im currently trying to enroll but how do i get the video verification to be marked up as ive reviewed it?

        • avatar iSwrl 0

          "K12 can be difficult for some people including myself. I thought it'd be easier and things would work at my pace but in all reality it didn't turn out that way. There are still due dates and you have to complete lessons each day"

          Of course there are gonna be due dates, it's still a school, online school is ment to give you more flexibility, but with that you also can't procrastinate, you have to dedicate your self and figure out times where you can finish your work. It makes me really angry that you said that, it is a public school just online. So be expecting everything you do at a brick and mortar school to be transffered into online school… You need to organize your time…

          • avatar Haley 2526 1

            For anyone who's taken K12 this may be a stupid question, but do you have to ever do projects or public speaking, this is not one of my strongpoints and I honestly want to get away from it. Also, approximately how many hours do you spend on school work each day thx!

            • avatar nate thomas 0

              is anyone doing 9th grade right now? like at this moment?

              • avatar crystal snyder 1

                i was wondering if you had to do the video chats with the teachers?? thanks

                • avatar a cigarette 0

                  is anyone in Oregon virtual academy? (orva) ? I'm starting Monday and I'm 100% clueless

                  • avatar Nancy Sanchez 0

                    How long does k12 take to accept my application ?

                    • avatar cole moody 1

                      mine won't save ?

                      • avatar cole moody 1

                        mine won't save ?