Journey Circle – music, movement & ritual for inspiration & guidance

Journey Circle - music, movement & ritual for inspiration & guidance
Join Alyson for the first of our regular journey circles at The Art House, using the power of music, movement, ritual practice and visualisation to connect with your inner wisdom, inner healing and creativity. This is open to those of all faiths and paths (or none!), these circles will use modern-day shamanic practices to facilitate an inner journey. What is shamanic practice? 'Shamanism' is a word used to describe spiritual practices once found across all cultures and tribes. The word 'shaman' probably comes from the word šamán - a word used by the Evenki tribe in Siberia and loosely translates as 'one who sees in the dark', or 'healer'. The Anglicised version of the word is now used to describe a type of spiritual practice found in modern-day cultures as well as ancient practices. In ancient times and contemporary indigenous practice, the purpose of this journeying between the worlds is to gain information to benefit the community; also, to drive out negative energies, and to bring about healing. In the modern Western world, most of us do not now live in tribal communities, but shamanic practices remain relevant to our lives and shamanic journeying techniques can be very effective in identifying the cause and nature of a problem, finding a solution and carrying out healing work at the level of spirit. A shamanic practitioner is not to be confused with an authentic tribal Shaman, but is a person able to use traditional and ancient techniques in a modern context, using certain techniques to change his or her state of consciousness in order to journey into non-ordinary reality. Shamanism is an active and empowering approach to working with spirit that brings many rewards. Who is Alyson? Alyson is a fully trained shamanic practitioner. Her studies are ongoing and her own shamanic practice is constantly developing, bringing both rewards and challenges into her life. She has found that shamanism enriches her experience and helps her to get to the heart of the matter, whether for herself or for others. She now wants to share some of what she has learned, so that others can learn and use these techniques in their own personal development. What does the journey circle offer? The journey circle is an opportunity to learn about some of the core principles of shamanism and to and practice some of the basic journeying techniques. You will be guided and supported in exploring these and in developing your own skills. You will need to bring a notebook and pen, something to cover your eyes with, like a scarf, a blanket and a cushion for your head. Cost: The journey circle is priced at two levels:  standard & extra support.  This covers the cost of running our space, and Alyson's expenses. We wish to keep the circle open to all, regardless of income, so we also have a 'Pay what you can' option for pre booked places - please use this if you need to. As modern western shamanic practice references and learn from indigenous tribal traditions which are still under threat, we are also 'tithing' 10% of the money taken for each event to support Survival International - the global movement for tribal people's rights.

at The Art House Southampton CIC
178 Above Bar Street
Southampton, United Kingdom

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