Josh Ritter & The Royal City Band Good Old War

Josh Ritter & The Royal City Band Good Old War

Special offer! A digital download of Josh Ritter’s forthcoming album,
Gathering (available September 22, 2017), is included with every ticket
you order for this show. You will receive an email with instructions on how
to redeem this offer following your ticket purchase.

Josh Ritter’s acclaimed 20-year career as a songwriter and musician reaches new heights with the release of his ninth full-length album, Gathering. Along with his loyal bandmates, the Royal City Band, Josh returned to the studio with more songs then he’d ever had before at one time. Re-energized after a recent collaboration with legendary musician Bob Weir (who also contributes vocals and guitar to a song on Gathering) and — at the same time — tired of living in the shadow of his earlier self, Josh felt charged with exploring the possibility of cutting himself loose from his own and others’ expectations. In his words, “I began with an exciting sense of dissatisfaction, and what emerged, as I began to find my voice, was a record full of storms. I still can’t tell what stories are from. They feel part roustabout, part psalm to me.”

A songwriter, a musician, a New York Times best-selling author, a painter,
a consummate per-former. Josh Ritter encompasses all of these descriptors
and more. He is a true artist. One who is not afraid of growing, changing
and constantly challenging earlier versions of himself. Here, two decades
into his storied career, Josh Ritter is just getting started.

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at Cat’s Cradle
300 East Main Street
Carrboro, United States

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