It Makes Us Feel Stupid: School from a Special Education Student Perspective

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  1. The dankest hour The dankest hour

    Special ed kids should never be accepted into society. They have a much easier school life than the rest of us. I MEAN THAT THEIR S.A.Ts ARE BASICALLY KINDERGARTEN LEVEL! I hate special needs kids

  2. Zachary gattuso Zachary gattuso

    Special ed people are a bunch of jackasses

  3. Frosty Snow Flake Frosty Snow Flake

    I was a special needs student, they did not help me at all. Which realistically shows how fucked up the system is.

  4. Frosty Snow Flake Frosty Snow Flake

    Special Education is fucked up.

  5. Broswith Gunss Broswith Gunss

    Jessie looks like a dude.

  6. Gangster Bros Gangster Bros

    let me tell you a secret about this whole special education system they would not care about you after you graduate from high school and after Utah on the age of 21 I have been in the special ed system for 15 years from 2002 all the way from 2014 and I stayed eight more years in high school I didn't learn anything in special education system the teachers and the students will both make a fun of me all the care about is the money I will get in trouble after I get bullied by the jocks when I stand up for myself in trouble I am 23years old and I have been home now Siri Siri years and a half with no education no job I went back to my high school I spoke to my special ed teacher they blocked me on facebook I went back to the school and tell them my teachers blocked me on facebook and I told them I've been home now for three years and the pussy ball told me that's not a problem I seriously don't know what to do now in life I have a social worker Who is not doing anything for me and I was born with mental health issue this is what happen when you're not smart and you're not famous in high school this is what happens when you're an outcast in high I blame 85% of my problems at my special ed teachers they seriously didn't care about me in high school and they were telling lies about me to my family I blame them for everything


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