Introduction to Hadoop – London – 2-Day Training Course

Introduction to Hadoop - London - 2-Day Training Course
1. Course description.   This two-day training course explores major characteristics and functionalities of Apache Hadoop platform and its ecosystem of tools for Big Data processing and analysis. The course provides a first-hand practical experience in Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and MapReduce frameworks by the means of a number of presentations and tutorials during which the attendees will learn how to design and perform simple MapReduce programs to process the data and calculate a set of statistics. The course can also serve as a gentle introduction to the basics of Java programming language and essential Hadoop File System shell commands. During the course you will learn to:   understand the features, major characteristics, architecture and operations of Hadoop and its ecosystem including, Yet Another Resource Negotiator (YARN), Hadoop Distributed File System, MapReduce programming framework and other Hadoop-related tools e.g. HBase, Hive, Cassandra, Mahout and Pig etc., monitor and diagnose the performance of Apache Hadoop clusters and their resources using Apache Ambari and control the deployed services through Apache ZooKeeper, manage large datasets in Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) using Hadoop File System shell commands, design and execute simple MapReduce parallel programs (written in Java) to calculate various statistics and control their performance in real-time, implement learnt skills to build and provision Hadoop-based Big Data applications.    During the course the attendees will perform several simple MapReduce jobs on a Linux-based Mind Project Hadoop cluster.   2. Programme.    The course will run for two days from 9:30am until ~5:00pm and will consist of alternating lecture-style presentations and practical tutorials. The example datasets used during tutorial sessions will come from social sciences, economics and business fields, however the contents may vary depending on specific interests of participants (based on the Participant's Skills Inventory). There will be two 15-minute coffee/tea breaks and one 1-hour lunch break during each day.   3. What is included?   Apart from the contents of the course, Mind Project will provide the participants with the following:   a digital (USB memory stick) Course Manual including all presentation slides, Hadoop course script files, datasets and a list of reference books and online resources, additional home exercises and all data sets available to download, Wi-Fi access, Central London location - at the CAP House, next to the Barbican station,  networking opportunity, Mind Project course attendance certificate.   4. Further instructions.   In order to fully benefit from the training course, we recommend that attendees bring their personal WiFi-enabled laptops to the session with at least one of the following web browsers installed: Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and/or Internet Explorer. Also, the laptops should be equipped with a simple text editor suitable for code/script typing e.g. Notepad++ (for Windows users) or TextWrangler (for Mac users). Please be advised that we do not recommend the following applications: WordPad, Gedit or TextEdit. This course is targeted at IT literate users with interest in Big Data processing and architecture. No prior exposure to the Hadoop ecosystem and its tools is required. Participants are encouraged to complete the online Participant's Skills Inventory to allow Mind Project and our course tutors to customise the contents of the course depending on the level of participants' knowledge and their areas of interest. The data obtained through the Participant's Skills Inventory will be held fully-confidential and will only be used to provide a quality data analysis training. By purchasing a place on one of our courses you agree to the Terms and Conditions. Please read the Terms and Conditions before making a booking. The deadline for registrations on this training course is Friday, 23rd of June 2017 at 16:00 London (UK) time. However, Mind Project reserves the right to end the registration process earlier if all places are booked before the deadline.   Should you have any questions please contact Mind Project Ltd at or by phone on 0203 322 3786. Please visit the course website at 

at CAP House, 1st Floor
9-12 Long Lane
London, United Kingdom

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