Interpreting Your Blood Work

If you have recently had your blood test done and you now hold the blood test results in your hands, you may want to have a go at it before you meet your physician. But a labtest is not really that easy to read for a layperson and therefore heading to a doctor is always mandated. But you could put those worries to a bit of rest by looking through some basics that are part of a bloodtest. Here is what you can look for in your understanding tests of any nature.

What you should understand about lab tests is that each lab presents them differently, but here is what you can look for in general when you get your blood tests and their reports in hand. The first is the basics of your name, date, time, place and the kind of specimen taken. It will also definitely have the name of the kind of test that is being conducted. The contact details of the lab are also included so that accountability is maintained at all times. Important dates such as that of when the report was printed and the test done are also added. The name of the consulting doctor who recommended the test is there as well.

Details of the specimen are also included in the report is necessary as well because tests can be done only with particular specimens. Once it is ascertained that the right kind of samples have been acquired, the tests are conducted and the reports are printed out. When the clinical labs are done with this, and you get your blood work reports in hand here is what you can look out for. The first is reference ranges. This will tell you what the normal range is for someone healthy and where your ranges stand. Reference ranges can be in different forms – it can be in figures, in percentages or even in positive and negative signs.

When you see your range, what you have to keep in mind is that the figure can be a slightly above or way above what is considered normal. This does not instantly mean that there is something wrong. Blood testing is basically about finding what your range is, in the context of your lifestyle and other health factors. Based on this the doctor will be able to chart out a treatment plan for you. Even though you may look through your reports, it is important to visit a doctor for a better interpretation.

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